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Monday Night Football Monday Night Football on SAP

Because the NFL regular season includes 272 games across 18 weeks, you’ll need access to in-market and out-of-market viewing options to receive the most game coverage. Below is a list of every major NFL channel and service for watching live games. One designated “ENGLISH” and one designed “SPANISH” on viewers digital televisions. This can occur on CBS network programming, including sports, TV shows and certain movies. For viewers who do not have a remote control of their remote doesn’t have audio settings, look for audio settings in the digital TV or converter box menu and look for AUDIO.

Earlier this month, Guijarro appeared at a news conference alongside the team’s first captain, Irene Paredes, and striker Jennifer Hermoso to explain their troubles with Vilda. Neither Paredes nor Hermoso are among the 15 who have asked to leave the team. The list of players includes the team’s third captain, Patri Guijarro, goalkeeper Sandra Paños and attacking midfielder Aitana Bonmatí. The email did not explicitly demand for Vilda to be fired.

But you can also pick up the channel with an OTA antenna if you live near an NBC affiliate. The 2022 NFL season contains 18 Sunday Night Football games, plus a Thanksgiving how you say hi in russian night matchup on Thursday, November 24. NBC will also kick the season off with a Thursday night game on September 8. Remember, the World Cup on Peacock is not in English.

Also, people across the country are experiencing the same issues. One guy in Philly is watching the Eagles game but getting audio of a different NFL game. Occasionally I’ll receive a voice mail from a viewer who is upset that a game they are watching on WTVO or Fox 39 is suddenly broadcasting in Spanish instead of English. Spanish audio is only offered on some programs, and when Spanish isn’t offered, English audio is usually broadcast.

Press the menu button on your TV set or remote control, select the audio function, and return your set to either mono or stereo instead of SAP. You can also change the audio options from the playback controls on your remote. Once the changes take effect, your language settings should now be in English. This doesn’t change the settings for other services such as voice and text. Click the ‘B’ button and open accessibility settings on your Xfinity remote.