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The Grocery Manufacturers of America wants a harmonization of standards for imported food. Of the rationalistic heritage from the Wolffian tradition which still dominates Kant’s pure general logic with the manifest epistemological intention of his transcendental theory. The definition of accordance means to have come to an understanding, or to be in agreement.

The taxonomic harmonization process borrows heavily from Norman et al. ; taxadb package), which contains functions that allowquerying millions of taxonomic names in a fast, automated, and consistent way using high-quality locally stored taxonomic databases. Auditing of terminologies may uncover problems such as omissions . Previously, we have developed algorithmic and mixed human-computer auditing methods for the UMLS and some of its source terminologies . Auditing may also discover concepts that are synonymous in real life but are coded as different in the UMLS. Occasionally two terminologies in overlapping domains “cut the world at different joints,” which makes ontology alignment and ontology integration difficult.

The legal one involves harmonizing human laws with the laws of the Earth.

However, we have noticed cases of congruency that involve three, four and even more concepts. Trait data represent the basis for ecological and evolutionary research and have relevance for biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and earth system modelling. Thus, the vast majority of trait data measured directly from individuals remains hidden and highly heterogeneous, impeding their discoverability, semantic interoperability, digital accessibility and (re-)use. We develop a workflow to harmonize sardoodledo. heterogeneous trait measurements (e.g. trait names and their values and units) as well as additional information related to taxonomy, measurement or fact and occurrence. A metadata form filled out by data providers enables the automated integration of trait information from heterogeneous datasets. We illustrate our tools with data from palms , a globally distributed , diverse plant family that is considered a good model system for understanding the ecology and evolution of tropical rainforests.

Before that, let’s rename the column containing the original scientific names to “verbatim_scientificName”. From now on, “scientificName” corresponds to the verified names . As the column “original_search” in “query_names” and “names_clean” are equal, only the first will be kept. The availability and quality of standarized meta‐information is the key for accessing the huge masses of raw data stored in files and databases world‐wide. The HEMIS project is carried out by UNEP/HEM, Munich, Germany, for the harmonization of environmental information. This paper describes one of the main aspects of the design considerations for the HEMIS meta‐databases and information system.