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Canonically, at this point in the manga, Hagakure cannot be older than 16, as she is in either her first or second year of high school. She is far from being an adult, which only adds to the uncomfortable feeling fans get when seeing the drawing. This once again proves how talented and creative he can be. After so many amazing and stunning art pieces given to us by Horikoshi, many fans are saddened by how he decided to depict Hagakure. Moments after the image of Toru was published on social media, fans began stating how disappointed and confused they were with Horikoshi’s decision. The mangaka has already been criticized in the past for the overtly sensual outfits he makes underage characters wear in his manga.

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Hagakure in her Hero uniform Since the manga started, Hagakure has been seen as one of Horikoshi’s most controversial characters due to her design and Hero uniform. Her Quirk, Invisibility, allows her to bend light with her body, which makes her effectively invisible. To make full use of her powers, Toru constantly walks around without any visible clothes, as using them would cute porcelain clown dolls cause her to be spotted. Some fans decided to give Hagakure some clothes by drawing themselves on top of the color page of My Hero Academia 368. The fact that they could do it so easily only raised more concern in the community, as Horikoshi also had the power to give the underage girl some clothes. Our team has designed each product to be high quality and beautiful.

The chapter is about Deku fighting with AFO for the first time since the war began. Hagakure is nowhere around this fight and has not even appeared in the manga for months. The drawing depicts Hagakure in her Hero uniform, meaning she is entirely naked, only covered by thin stripes.

The series has been collected into 15 volumes so far, and has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. Momo and Ochaco may take the spotlight in this drawing, but they are not alone. To their left, Tsuyu and Kyoka can be seen looking nonplussed by their friends’ bikini showcase. As for Mina, the the acidic girl is shown looking surprised when she glances over to Toru, and it is easy to see why. The latter may be invisible, but her bikini top has definitely fallen off. So, maybe it is a good think Toru cannot be seen.

Please wash different color swimsuits separately. Why Horikoshi decided to portray one of his characters without any clothes on the color page of My Hero Academia 368 is beyond anyone’s reasoning. According to fans, the fact that he chose an underage girl makes this decision much worse. If you return part of the costumes, the payment can not be refunded. Under normal circumstances, the shipping cost of the return is paid by the customer, and we bear the shipping cost of the replacement. We do not charge extra fees for the return or exchange.

Thus, be careful while checking all details on the merchandise please. Please return the costumes back with a shipping number. Our Cosplay Costumes,wigs and other accessories are shipped from China and USA directly. Most of them are ready-to-ship.The shipping time varies on different items and shipping way you choose.You can see the expected delivery time after you add into shopping cart. Toru using her school uniform Sadly, it seems like all the fans who expected to see Hagakure wearing some clothes were mistaken. She is now confirmed to have been naked all of this time.

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