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My Mother Came To America To Pursue Better Life, Says Neera Tanden

Tanden was a senior staffer to Hillary Clinton during her 2000 election to a United States Senate seat in New York, and during Clinton’s tenure as a Senator. Tanden advised Clinton during her run for the 2008 Democratic nomination, and later helped her defeat Bernie Sanders to win the nomination in 2016, and run against Donald Trump in the 2016 general election. In her government service with the Obama administration, Tanden helped draft the Affordable Care Act . Indian American Neera Tanden on Wednesday led the Hillary Clinton campaign in slamming the economic policies of Donald Trump, Republican presidential presumptive nominee, and alleging that this poses threat to the economic future of women and families. Two Indian- American teenagers supporting Hillary Clinton are planning to reach out to youths from the community through social media to give a boost to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign.

So I really heard my mom pushing me to do things that she couldn’t do, but maybe would have wanted to, if circumstances were different. It’s almost impossible to escape criticism as a woman of color in a leadership role, she said. People of color have long described the code-switching and conforming they must do to be seen as palatable in many predominantly-white environments. Straying outside such bounds, many fear, could mean appearing less capable or professional. You can only use this image in editorial media and for personal use.

Tanden has been regarded as a Clinton loyalist and personal friend of Hillary Clinton, whose professional life has been significantly defined by her work with the Clintons. As a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles, Tanden met her future husband, artist Benjamin Edwards. Edwards and Tanden both volunteered on Michael Dukakis’s unsuccessful run for President in 1988.

When she ran for external vice president of her college, UCLA, her mother delivered a pep talk that she says she often reminds herself of to this day. Asian Americans, while most likely to be hired in technical roles, were found to be least likely to be promoted, according to research examining Silicon Valley. Asian women face the added stereotypes as being quiet, subservient and compliant.

After Barack Obama was nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, Tanden was one of the first, and also one of the few former-Clinton campaign staffers to join his team. She was domestic policy director for his successful general election campaign. As OMB chief, Tanden will serve as one of the administration’s leading economic voices, helping Biden realize his campaign promises like improving the ACA – which Tanden helped shepherd through Congress – and implementing an ambitious agenda on combatting climate change. Because of a government that saw my mother’s dignity, and gave her a chance,” she said and linked her experiences to her future work.

Her nomination will have to get through the Senate Budget Committee, which Sanders will chair if Democrats gain control of the Senate. Along with former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, who was picked as Treasury Secretary last week, they will constitute pinkup a troika of women who will call the shots on monetary and budgetary matters, areas long dominated by men. In one episode, she was accused of punching Faiz Shakir, an editor at ThinkProgress after he asked her then-boss Hillary Clinton about the war in Iraq.

During the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries, she opposed Sanders’s signature proposals of a $15 per hour minimum wage and single-payer healthcare. However, she expressed support for the Fight for $15 movement in 2017. Tanden is a supporter of the labor movement, stating that a “strong labor movement motivates non-union businesses to provide their employees with salaries and benefits that are comparable to those of unionized workplaces.” Tanden was appointed as a senior advisor to President Biden on May 14, 2021. In this role, Tanden will plan for possible policy changes awaiting a Supreme Court decision on Republican challenges to Obamacare and will initiate a review of the United States Digital Service. According to analysis by Politico, Tanden may have more influence in the role of senior advisor than she would have had as OMB Director, as this role will allow her to be included in daily presidential briefings.

On March 2, 2021, in response to a request from Tanden, the Biden administration withdrew Tanden’s nomination to head the Office of Management and Budget. And Tanden would hardly be the only vocal partisan to lead OMB. The Republican-led Senate pushed through the nominations of her successors, former House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mick Mulvaney and Russ Vought, who served as an official for the lobbying arm of the conservative Heritage Foundation. In anticipation for the hearings, Tanden appeared to delete some of her previous broadsides directed at GOP lawmakers and their unwavering support for former President Donald Trump. Democrats were quick to point out Republicans expressed outrage over Tanden’s tweets, but managed to ignore four years of searing Twitter missives by Trump. Under the Obama administration, Tanden a played a pivotal role in helping former President Barack Obama craft his signature Affordable Care Act as a senior adviser in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The US President-elect has nominated Indian American Neera Tanden for heading the Office of Management and Budget . Last month she held a virtual roundtable alongside United States Trade Representative-designate Katherine Tai with union leaders to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the American labor movement. Despite concerns that progressives may thwart her nomination, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams have joined an outpouring of Democratic support for her nomination. Tanden is set to appear Tuesday before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in what’s expected to be one of the most contentious battles to confirm Biden’s Cabinet nominees despite her seasoned government resume. The Daily Beast reported that Tanden had deleted more than 1,000 tweets last month like one in which she asked people to “focus their ire” on McConnell and others of his party.

Growing up, Neera understood the circumstances of her family’s struggle and watched social programs work. Because of what–that personal connection, she knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue public service,” the Senator said. Neera Tanden’s nomination to lead the White House budget office is all but dead in the closely divided Senate, after two Republican moderates declared Monday they wouldn’t support her. Much of Tanden’s work relates to healthcare policy in America. She worked on the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”) during the Obama administration.