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Del Sandeen is a contributing writer with over 20 years of experience in editorial. She has an expertise in natural hair and Black women’s issues. I grew up with the belief that getting your hair wet, especially as a black woman, was a HUGE no-no. I remember many pool parties where I would stress out about the state of my hair, and as a result, not have as much fun. I love the Beyonce super long mini lemonade braids with some touches of gold throughout the locks.

And It works fine for me but it makes my hair look greasy. So I am definitely going for try one of the products you have mentioned above. Felicia recommends buying glycerin and mixing it with aloe vera juice to make a DIY pre-ocean spray for hot beach days.

On the top of the head, use a curling iron with a clamp and wrap a one-inch section around the wand, but make sure to leave one or two inches out of the clamp. JVN suggests alternating between straightener and curler because having everything uniform can look too polished, like a retro ‘20s wave hairstyle. Long, natural hair can easily become tangled when wet, so before hitting the water, twist or braid your tresses in several sections. It’s not necessary, but it will make detangling an easier task when it’s time to cleanse your mane after a day of fun in the sun. Carrillo says, “I normally do a high bun/ponytail, a braid or two French braids to keep the hair from getting too tangled.” No matter how hard you try, sand will always find its way into your curls.

Yes, I believe that protective hairstyles are absolutely needed for those that have natural hair. You may be really consistent about protecting your skin from the harmful effect so UV rays, but your scalp and hair need extra TLC to keep it safe from the sun, too! One of my favorites is Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray because it gives great protection against the sun while also packing thirst quenching aloe vera. It leaves my hair full of body with the protection I need. Best of all, it is waterproof so that extra dip in the water won’t hurt my curls. Usually I apply coconut oil on my hair when I go on beach.

She created her blog to serve as a go-to guide for natural hair tips, and beauty tricks. AshleeWith2Es.com is her creative space to share her journey with you. Bring out your inner goddess with Fulani braids at the beach.

We’ve got you covered with this charming twisted ‘do. Whether you’re sporting a bob or a lob, this super-secure look is perfect for a dip in the sea. When you get to the center of the head, continue curling but what hair do you need for butterfly locs away from your face—this will give it a more disheveled and beachy look. Now, you’ll want to alternate which direction you curl the hair towards so it looks like you jumped out of bed and woke up like this.