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Nelson Center Pool

Some of the best sauger and walleye fishing is downstream of the Starved Rock Lock and Dam, but they may be caught in deep waters of the upper pools during the day or in the shallows at night. Few sauger or walleye are collected during day-time electrofishing surveys. The IDNR – Division of Fisheries State Hatcheries annually stocks sauger fry in the Peoria Pool and upper pools of the Illinois River.

Advisories are developed to protect infants, children, and women of child bearing age and may be overprotective to adult men and women over child bearing age. Trim the fat, particularly around the belly, and allow fat to drip off the fish when cooking to minimize exposure to PCBs. Largemouth bass catch rates were the second highest observed in the last ten years in each pool. The Marseilles Pool largemouth bass catch rate was also the highest out of all pools sampled in 2021 with 31 bass/hour of electrofishing collected.

Past hoop net surveys in the Starved Rock Pool targeting spawning adults yielded mostly 16 to 24 inch fish. Notable habitats for channel catfish are main channel border , and side channels with current. The Marseilles and Dresden dam tailwaters are notable channel catfish areas. There remains electricians springfield mo a do-not-eat contaminant advisory on all channel catfish in the Marseilles Pool and no more than 1 meal/month advisory for all channel catfish in the Starved Rock pool due to PCB detection in the flesh. PCB contamination in fish is a remnant of past pollution that is declining.

Both black crappie and white crappie are found in the upper Illinois River. Catch rates for both species were low in the Starved Rock Pool, but black crappie catch rates in 2021 were the highest observed in the last ten years in the Marseilles Pool. Black crappie are stocked by IDNR – Division of Fisheries State Hatcheries annually in the upper Illinois River to supplement the population. Backwaters, side channels and main channel border areas with submerged brush are the best locations for crappie. The quintessential summer activity, swimming and other water recreation is a good choice for those seeking to have as much fun as they can under the sun. It can be as simple as taking some laps in a pool or heading out to a water park to ride on the slides.

Fitness trainers from Body Symmetry are available for personal one-on-one sessions on-site. Looking out from the front of the Clubhouse you have a picturesque view of the Racquet Sports Facility. Illini Country Club offers three professional-size courts and a comprehensive program for the entire family. Every Wednesday, transportation will be available from Knudson Park to Ottawa for the activities that day, via the NCAT bus.