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Netflix Datamine Could Suggest a Partnership With PlayStation

While Sony has its own game streaming service in the form of PlayStation Now, its relevance within the industry is much less prominent when compared to the likes of Microsoft’s xCloud – which has been picking up a great deal of steam as of late. We recently reported that Netflix announced its intention to get more into the gaming market. While the streaming service has previously released a number of interactive shows and films, this latest push seems to be much more significant. Now it looks as though they may be partnering with Sony to bring PlayStation games to the service – at least this is what a recent data mine seems to suggest.

Our team creates addictive analytics experiences with a focus on collaboration, innovation and pragmatic excellence – if you’re ready to unlock the value in your data, we’re ready to help. The Everrati GT40 Is an Electrified Version of Ford’s Iconic Racing CarThis UK-based EV conversion company took the Holy Grail of American ICE sports cars, and made it suitable for modern-day racers—so we tried the prototype. In your Account settings, scrolling down and clicking on your profile will take you to Communications Settings, which Netflix has defaulted to On. You can turn these off by unticking the boxes, but it will stop you from receiving updates on new shows and personalised suggestions.

It’s one of the most important customer metrics for companies to be across if they want to effectively target valuable customers and predict what their customer base will look like down the road. The dynamic duo recently struck up a deal for theUnchartedandGhost of Tsushima movies to land on Netflix, which could spell trouble for Microsoft and the Game Pass. Although Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is committed to bringing Game Pass to as many platforms as possible, Sony teased its own version of Game Pass was on the way. Most expand into more partnerships with movie studios, like its competition. There are limited controls for Netflix data collection but in the end it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to use the service.

The accuracy of this ‘value’ you assign your customer can vary depending on the approach you take – more specifically, how in-depth you go with the analysis of the customer data. The first way to get a sense for a customer’s CLV is simply to subtract the amount of money you spent acquiring them from the overall profit they provided you with, highlighting the relationship between profit, acquisition cost and cost to serve. One of the trickiest parts about determining a CLV is determining what a ‘lifetime’ actually is. Depending on your industry and the nature of your product/service, this could be anywhere from 3-5 years to an actual lifetime . A CLV can change regularly depending on your business model, meaning you have to continue revisiting the definition and the calculation on a regular basis.

If Netflix is getting into streaming, they are going to stream PC games, not buy racks of PS5s. You’re more than welcome to use these questions as both a starting point and a reference to return to throughout the process. They’ve helped lay the foundation for a number of Datamine CLV projects, and they’ll also help you get an idea of where to start. For more information about understanding and unlocking the value in your customers, check out our free Datamine Guide to Creating Customer Insight below.

More widely, Netflix’s data-driven programming helps to inform the TV shows it commissions. The streaming service allegedly greenlighted political drama House of Cards without even seeing a pilot. However, the company has yet to release a full video game content, and it is not known what Verdu will do as his exact role has not been disclosed yet. One factor that lends credence genshin how to get fishing rod to the rumor of a Netflix and Sony gaming collaboration actually happening is the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time that the two companies have worked together. Just this year alone, for example, both parties announced a landmark deal that’s set to ensure Sony Pictures Entertainment movies make their way to the service after traditional stints as theatrical releases.