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New Year’s Eve Underwear Tradition

Green is for those looking for hope, while blue is meant to bring professional success. And people go to great lengths to make sure they bring in the New Year in the right pair. Did you know that people in Brazil sometimes wear underwear with the colors that represent what they want from the new year? So, it’s very common to see people using white clothes and probably underneath, they are wearing secret underwear with the color of their wishes. In Poland, New Year’s Eve celebrations include both indoor and outdoor festivities.

I had no idea that lucky underwear was anything outside of superstitious sports fans. We are so excited to be bringing you a list of Hannukah events and celebrations in… So, if you, like me, want to start 2022 on a positive note, take a look at the meanings behind each underwear color, then prepare to break out those babies before 12 a.m. The first person you allow through your doors in the New Year may set the tone for the coming months.

The main event takes place at midnight where fireworks are lit along with thousands of life-size effigies called “Año Viejo”. Almost every local family will either make such an effigy from scraps of paper and old clothes or buy one ready-made. Such effigies represent the things people hated about the departing year and are fashioned to resemble celebrities, politicians, public servants, cartoon characters etc.

My mom always asked me what color I would be wearing for my New Year’s Eve underwear. Not because she was genuinely interested in my fashion choice, but more so she could tell me what would be in store for me for the New Year. This tradition of making noise is one of the oldest and most deep-rooted superstitions in the world, meant is costco ham good to scare away evil spirits and old ghosts that haunted the previous year. In Lisbon, during the 50s and 60s, old plates and pots were thrown out the window, but this caused so such chaos that the ritual was put to an end. You can also attract money by tossing a coin in the air and/or hopping on your right foot at midnight.

Nashville has typically held concerts featuring country music performers. Los Angeles, a city long without a major public New Year celebration, held an inaugural gathering in Downtown’s newly completed Grand Park to celebrate the arrival of 2014. The event included food trucks, art installations, and culminated with a projection mapping show on the side of Los Angeles City Hall near midnight.