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No, You Shouldnt Drink Spearmint Tea for Hormonal Acne

While spearmint tea may have its benefits for the body, whether it is safe and effective for the treatment of acne has not been proven and requires more research. Your best bet is to utilize a solid skin care routine with proven acne-fighting ingredients. We also recommend consulting with your doctor before trying out a new ingredient and getting their expert help to develop a safe and effective treatment plan for white tea shot vs green tea your acne. Both peppermint and spearmint tea can be used in acne treatment and can be added to your skincare routines. I much prefer just adding a few sprigs of fresh mint to a large pitcher of plain water, making an “infused” mint water, and drink the mint water throughout the day. This way I’m getting all the acne clearing benefits from the mint, plus getting great hydration, and not staining my teeth from tea.

A lot of people have found it useful and have noticed considerable changes in their skin. I don’t recommend drinking mint water or spearmint tea while pregnant. There’s no evidence whether it’s safe or not, but it is an herb.

Spearmint tea might also help fight acne-causing bacteria. If your acne is hormone-related, spearmint tea might help treat it thanks to its anti-androgen properties. “There is no single cure for acne. Certainly, spearmint tea can have other body benefits, but it is unlikely that it will cure acne for most people with the problem.” “I have not had a single zit which confirms that my acne is hormonal,” the writer continued.

It’s worth drinking the mint water for a few weeks to see if it can help (if you don’t see any sign of improvement in 2-4 weeks, stop drinking it). Best to use fresh tea bag every time you prepare the mint tea, and fresh mint every day. Men need to be cautious with spearmint tea because it lowers testosterone. At the end of the day discard the mint and any remaining water (make fresh infused water every day, don’t store it for the next day). Drink the infused mint water throughout the day and evening (doesn’t need to be consumed all at once).

Another study published in the journal Phytotherapy Research suggests that spearmint tea has anti-androgen properties. Effect of spearmint teas on androgen levels in women with hirsutism. Yes, spearmint tea is antibacterial and is filled with antioxidants. Spearmint tea can be both consumed and used as a topical agent to soothe inflamed skin. Still, drinking mint tea is a good strategy for lowering testosterone and DHT levels in women.

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that plagues a large number of women globally. While some women face irregular periods as a result of this lifestyle disorder, others struggle to lose weight and even battle hormonal acne. Doctors have recommended lifestyle changes such as an improved diet and exercise to manage PCOS long-term. However, there are other aspects arising out of the condition such as hirsutism or excessive facial hair growth that can be an annoyance for many women even as they modify their lifestyle. “Perhaps it will be the spearmint improving your skin, or perhaps it will be the fact you’re less likely to reach for a sugary drink now that you’re drinking so much tea,” he says. Yes, it might help with hormonal acne, but it’ll likely lead to decreased energy, mood, and libido.