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Non-Toxic Tea Kettle Not Made in China

Grade 316 is the most corrosive resistant, but it is also more expensive. The numbers (like 18/8) refer to the amount of chromium and nickel used in the product. This 2-Quarts stainless steel kettle will alert you when your brew is ready even if you are two rooms away. As many reviewers point out, the construction is durable, but not too heavy and it’s more than able to bring water to a boil in minutes.

I was SHOCKED to find so many kettles with plastic coming in direct contact with boiling water (a big no-no). Many were also made with potentially toxic materials (yikes!). Looking for one of the safest non toxic tea kettles that are not made in China?

You don’t want your freshly steamed water to condense onto a plastic lid & drop right back into the water. This talk of kettles that boil water like you have to put it on a stove is very confusing to me, and indeed, anyone else that is from Australia. If I absolutely have to buy something and I cannot find a non-Chinese equivalent, I buy used things. Obviously, I’m also concerned about the absolute lack of safety and quality of Chinese stuff. Clear non-crystal glass doesn’t leach lead or cadmium.Tamara Rubin tested glass kitchenware and found vintage glassware positive for lead.

It has 5 one-touch presets and keeps the water in the kettle warm for up to 1 hour. The Tea Kettle’s 2-quart body is made from ceramic coated stainless steel, so it’s stovetop agnostic and quick to boil on gas, electric, or induction cooktops. Plus, the non-toxic, eco-friendly and ethically-produced materials mean there’s no risk of harmful chemicals leaching into your water, ever. The timeless whistle of a kettle has long been synonymous with tea itself. Some are electric and can be programmed to reach specific temperatures; others have handy features like gooseneck spouts, trigger-action lids, and more. Even materials vary, from steel to stoneware to glass.

I was excited to find your website and I quickly looked into all of the products that you have listed. I was shocked to see that the cast iron kettle you are recommending actually has enamel on the interior. To make things more difficult, nespresso vertuo green tea pods I am also looking for a healthy tea kettle that is Made in USA. I am starting to think that my best alternative is to quit coffee altogether. Depending on who you ask, stainless steel is a safe option for boiling water.

One remarkable thing is that you don’t need to use electricity, press one button and the water starts boiling. It doesn’t keep the tea hot only, but it adds some great flavor to it. I am also on the hunt to finding a healthy alternative to heating water for coffee…who knew it would be this difficult.

So, if you want to buy good quality and lead-free Ceramic Tea-pots, then you can buy them from our Ellementry. Our data show that some teapots were non-toxic while a few others were highly toxic, as shown by MetPAD. Tea addition reduced somewhat heavy metal toxicity due possibly to the complexing ability of tea. Chemical analysis of teapot leachates showed that some contained zinc and copper. Teapot No. 5, which showed the highest toxicity, also displayed the highest Zn concentration (7.39 mg/l), confirming the toxicity data. This represents 3.5-8% of the LOAEL for zinc of 50 mg/day and would not be important as compared to other sources zinc intake.

Now, if Le Creuset decided to make a kettle with a genuine ceramic glaze on the INTERIOR of the kettle, like the rest of their pots and pans made in France, then yes, that I would buy. What Le Creuset has now for tea kettles..sure, they look cute. Whatever the kettle is made of LEECHES into the water, which you then drink.