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Noom App Review: How Much It Costs and Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Now, before someone says that I don’t need to lose weight, I agree with you. Sure, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but that is not what it is about. Since its inception, Noom has enthusiastically served the masses and strives to continuously improve the level of service. Noom often runs promotional activities and offers very impressive discounts, sometimes up to 90% discount, so customers can save big money on shopping and customers are happy to spend at Noom.

It suggested I limit “red” foods to 300 calories, consume 540 calories of “yellow” foods and use my remaining 410 calories eating “green” foods. So if I had a glazed doughnut for breakfast at 260 calories, I’d consumed my red food for the day. But I still had 990 calories to divide between “yellow” and “green” foods. It actually debuted in 2008 as a simple fitness and calorie tracker. But by 2016, the app had added a psychology and behavioral change component, user support groups and personal coaches. Yes, you can get a Noom free trial to see if the weight loss program is something that suits your health needs and goals.

He loves to cook but but if we want to eat before bedtime I really needed to be the one making dinners. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t end when you hit your goal weight. To help keep our motivation high, and to remind me to make healthy choices every day.

FitTrack (getfittrack.com) is a brand like Noom that does offer gift cards. While users have complained in the past that canceling after a free trial was very difficult, Noom seemingly made the process easier; you can cancel under the Settings section under the Manage Subscription tab. Since our testers purchased a subscription through Apple, it was easy to cancel on the device under ‘iTunes subscriptions’. In 2016, a woman who we’ll call Amy finished her graduate degree in nutrition and her dietetic internship, making her a board-certified dietician.

Then, if you’d like to cancel your trial, just let your noom coach know, and they’ll be able to cancel it for you. In addition, some of the food color categorizations didn’t make sense to our registered dietitians. Items like quinoa and eggs are listed as yellow foods, while ultra-processed non-fat cheeses were rated as green. Although green foods are lower in calories, they may not be the most holistically healthy, which is far more important than any number on the scale. Vilifying some of the world’s healthiest foods — like avocados, chickpeas, almonds and chia seeds (noted as red on Noom’s system) — isn’t a sustainable method to better health in our nutritionists’ eyes.

The Noom plan is designed to last 16 weeks, but you’re encouraged to buy up to twelve months at a time for weight loss and maintenance. To meet my goal of a 12-pound weight loss, my calorie budget was 1,250 calories a day for 16 weeks. When I logged my foods, the app let me know how many calories I had left in each food category definition for aerobic endurance for the day. There was no admonishment when I went over my calorie budget, only encouraging messages to continue the plan and lessons to help me examine what triggered my bad food day . Knowing what works for you versus what seemingly works for everyone else can be tricky to navigate on a platform you’re paying for.

Visit the Noom website to fill out a demographic profile that will help guide you to the right program based on your goals, height, weight, and other factors. From there, you can begin your 14-day Noom free trial. I used the Noom weight loss app to help me create life long healthy eating habits, but I found a lot of helpful tools, books, resources and even JEWELRY to help keep my focus on my health. To get started, just go to its homepage and click “LOSE WEIGHT FOR GOOD.” Then, enter some of your personal information like your goal weight, current weight, gender, and age. After answering a few more questions, you’ll get an estimate of how much weight you can lose with noom, based on its proprietary weight loss database.

The app encourages you to log daily blood pressure readings, blood glucose levels and water intake. I’m Laura and I run Lalymom, which stands for LAura LYnn MOM. I love to share all the fun I have with my kid, plus recipes, healthy lifestyle tips, and more. I just found out about a deal where you can actually get a Free Fitbit, free scale and a free, amazing meal planning subscription. Just a note that my referral links for this awesome meal planning service are included below….

Like any other paid diet program, Noom has its fair share of pros and cons. It has fallen under scrutiny in recent years, namely for some of the program’s marketing tactics as well as complaints regarding its free-trial cancellation. That’s why our team of registered dietitians at the Good Housekeeping Institute tested the program themselves, evaluating everything from coaching practices to daily calorie allotments.