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TFP Nutrition announced today that it is issuing a voluntary recall of a dry cat food formulation manufactured on November 13, 2022, at its Nacogdoches, Texas facility.

Your injury and illness records are reviewed to identify any problem areas and offer corrective measures. On-the-spot informal training can be given to employees or supervisors when needed on safety and health issues. A review of your health and safety programs is done during the survey or it can be done by itself if requested. OSHA standards require puncture-resistant and slip-resistant footwear for construction workers. Safety boots on construction sites also need considerable impact and shear protection to shield workers from falling objects or heavy equipment.

For their participation and completion, , or program requirements, employers are exempted from regularly scheduled enforcement inspections and receive certificates, plaques and/or flags to display. Each approved protective helmet required by subsection shall bear the permanent markings required by the ANSI standard under which it was approved. At a minimum, the marking shall identify the manufacturer, ANSI designated standard number and date, and ANSI designated class and impact type of helmet. Work boots must pass impact and compression resistance standards to be ASTM-certified. They may also be tested for puncture resistance, metatarsal protection, static dissipation, electrical hazard resistance or conductive protection.

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When there is a risk of head injury from contact with conductors less than 600 volts, protective helmets shall be ANSI-Z89.1 designated Class E or G. Completing a hazard assessment and providing OSHA-approved work boots is essential for protecting your workplace. OSHA safety shoe requirements are designed to keep everyone safe at the job, no matter the type of hazard.