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…that utilizes a U-channel frame between posts to hold fence infill materials securely in place. When selecting materials to build a slatted fence, keep in mind that some materials may warp. Here are several pictures of horizontal fences using the FenceTrac system. While not all of them are slatted with spaces, hopefully, you can get some good ideas from this gallery.

Although you can use anti-rust treatment on your fence, adding wood will add another layer of protection while providing you with a beautiful enhancement to your existing wall. Before you install wood slats on top of an existing wrought iron fence, make sure the fence is completely clean and free of any dirt, grime, or objects that could get in the way. Wash all the metal parts thoroughly with soap and water, and sprinkle baking soda on them to get rid of any dust particles.

Call us today and see how we can improve the look and safety of your home or business. A wrought iron and composite wood gate serves a variety of functions. Our iron and wood gates are made to order so they can fit any size that you may need.

You simply slide the slats into place from top to bottom. If you use slat material that does not absorb moisture, you’ll have less problems with warping. Then, it’s recommended that you stain or paint the wood. Also, sealing the ends of each plank can help prevent moisture from leaching out too quickly. You should avoid pressure-treated pine or softer woods, as they are more prone to warping. First, try to select a wood species that has some warp resistance, like cedar or redwood.

We first apply an epoxy-based primer with an electrostatic paint gun in our paint booth. Next we apply an environmentally safe polyurethane paint in the color of your choice. The polyurethane 4stepincome com reviews paint puts a plastic-like coating on the iron giving it a hard outer shell. After all of the wrought iron is prepared, we will insert the composite or wood privacy slats.