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Outdoor Fireplace Plus Wood Storage FF143

The size of your mantel will also add character to your fireplace. Consider using an edging that complements your style, whether that be ornate with a thick molding-like edge, or modern, with a sleek and narrow edge. This fireplace has a custom cabinet above that mantel that houses a built-in flat screen sliding gate for wood fence TV. Matera cultured-stone veneer is a mix of taupe, tan, and cream with white speckles and crystal highlights. Esschert Design develops, produces and supplies unique garden gift items. Ideas are developed in-house, after which they are manufactured worldwide by producers exclusively for Esschert Design.

Why not add an interesting counterpoint to the element of fire with water features? The juxtaposition of fire and water can supercharge the ambience of your patio and greatly enhance the visual interest of your outdoor fireplace area. This dynamic combination can be achieved by flanking your fireplace with two small water features or by placing your outdoor fireplace near your pool and integrated waterfall feature. Alternatively, you can enjoy this blending of sights and sounds by adding a pondless waterfall feature to your patio design. This way you can enjoy both the warmth of the fire and the soothing sounds of water all in one place. LightingLighting should also be a consideration when installing an outdoor fireplace.

Be sure to choose a coping option that provides guests with a comfortable seating surface. Unilock Coping options such as Ledgestone Fullnose Coping and Brussels Fullnose Coping are ideal for this purpose. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone also features a Fullnose Coping option, which is available in both Sandstone and Limestone. Local fire pit installers often recommend high quality materials, as well as design and construct wood storage stack houses. When someone enters Googles the search phrase, “Find a fireplace contractor near me” it is often ask about wood storage options. A stack house may be enclosed like a shed or open on one side with a covered area over top.

This complete burner and log set can only be ordered when purchasing your fireplace kit. That is why I offer expansion kits and add-ons to make our fireplace work for you – in your special space the way you want. Wood Storage boxes are a functional way to tie your Outdoor fireplace together. These boxes serve to create an easy to access, aesthetically pleasing alternative to a wood rack, just inches away from your fireplace.

Knowing where and how to stack and store outdoor fireplace wood is just as important as knowing how to clean and maintain a fireplace. Placed on a plank wood floor, black sofas accented with white cushions are warmed by a long outdoor fireplace finished with river rocks to a furnished rooftop deck. A white stone outdoor fireplace is flanked by built-in benches topped with black and gray pillows. Light gray wicker dining chairs designed around a wood and concrete trestle dining table in an outdoor covered patio.