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Paint firms poised for another quarter of robust volume rise

In addition, the auto sector’s value chain is responsible for 32 million jobs. However, what’s pleasing is that while some people prefer visiting stores and get the feel of the dress before buying it, some others prefer sitting in their luxurious homes and buying the shirt or skirt of their choice online. So, while apparel retail market, on the whole, is reaping rich dividends, some of apparel products too have been doing well lately in Indian fashion market. The reset in prices is attracting a broader range of buyers, many of whom were priced out before the pandemic. First-time buyers made up 41.9 percent of sales, the highest share in at least seven years, Mr. Miller said.

Repaying these loans is made even harder by worsening credit ratings and higher financing costs. This article will explore five fundamental shifts in the aviation industry that have arisen from the pandemic. By responding to these shifts decisively now, carriers should be able to look beyond the pandemic and adapt to the long-term realities of COVID-19. Consumer confidence typically gets a boost when consumers perceive a sustained increase in income and employment prospects.

He found a significant fall in mandi sales across India, ranging from minus 31% for cereals to minus 90% for flowers. Another group of carriers that have an opportunity to transform their business are airlines that have access to a restructuring process, such as Chapter 11 in the chopra well being coach United States. These carriers can renegotiate midlife leases, shed excess debt, and emerge leaner. Airlines can work with regulators to set standards across a gamut of issues. In many cases, airline rescue efforts come in the form of government bailouts—with strings attached.

At the same time, the critical role of this industry both in contributing to GDP and overall employment levels implies that it must take more ethical attitudes towards future development. For instance, it should have not been tardy in introducing safety features in vehicles. The issue of incorporating air bags has lately become an issue of discussion between the government and industry, with the latter insisting that it will make smaller cars more expensive for buyers. The fact is that airbags are installed in all cars throughout the world on a routine basis, given their key role in saving lives in accidents.

Now it has been decided to allow banks in India to undertake transactions in the offshore Foreign Currency Settled-Overnight Indexed Swap (FCS-OIS) market with non-residents and other market makers. This will reduce the segmentation between the onshore and offshore markets, enable more efficient price discovery and further deepen the interest rate derivatives market in India. As a result of RBI’s rebalancing operations, the daily average absorption under the fixed rate reverse repo has moderated sharply since August 2021 when rebalancing started. Overall system liquidity, however, remains in large surplus, though it has moderated over the same period.

Add millions of migrants going back due to the lockdown and job loss sharing the same total agriculture pie of 14.6% of national income and a clearer picture would emerge. There are many reasons to discount faith in agriculture to drive economic growth. The SBI research paper shows that the steam has run out of the rural job guarantee scheme MGNREGS in July and August – as the graph below shows. Both employment and average wages fell drastically, indicating that funds dried up.

The volumes remain below pre-pandemic levels but the reports from dealerships show that the level of enquiries has picked up significantly. It may be recalled that while instituting the revised liquidity management framework on February 6, 2020, the daily fixed rate repo and the four 14-day term repos within a reporting fortnight were withdrawn. In view of the pandemic and related work from home and social distancing protocols, the MSF and the fixed rate reverse repo windows were made operational throughout the day, instead of only at end of the day under normal circumstances.

First-time buyers account for half the sales of passenger vehicles in the local market. According to the report, NCR home prices fell by 4% in the first half of 2016, the first time in three years. The report also pointed out that new launches fell 9% in the six months to 107,000 units as developers focused on selling stock before bringing new inventory into the market.

It said that “protective effect” found in highest-income households is a predominantly urban phenomenon, with 81% rural high-earning households experiencing a decline in income. The lowest income group was hit the most with more than 80% reporting a decline. The average growth in the quarterly agriculture GVA for the past 20 quarters is 4%. Assuming it would grow by 5% in Q2, the addition to the overall GVA would only be 0.7%. Prof. Rawal also contests 3.4% growth in agriculture GVA on the basis of mandi sales too.

Till such time, however, the Indian auto industry is in the throes of a demand revival with nearly all segments showing an upswing in sales in September. With the onset of the festive season, it looks as the scenario may improve even further in the coming months. While passenger and commercial vehicles were already showing signs of recovery in demand over the past few months, there finally seems to be a glimmer of improvement in the two wheeler segment. The rise in sales during September was 9 per cent compared to the same month in 2021.