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Paris Phillips stunning weight loss proves the difference of 12 months hard work

Tokyo Vanity is an artist, beloved Instagram influencer and former Love & Hop Hop reality TV star. You can often find her hilarious commentary online or in the comments section on popular blogging sites. But if you’re apart of Vanity Mafia, you’ve noticed her voice missing on social media . Behind the scenes, Tokyo has been on her own weight loss journey and recently posted an update, on New Year’s Eve, for fans to see how far she’s come.

He also eats a lot of carbs, which is a very unhealthy habit. His diet might be very unhealthy but it will make him feel good. Many people often give up when they cannot achieve what they want in a small time frame.

The beauty also hit her fans and follower’s DMs with fitness and food tips and encouraged everyone looking to make a change to start off by eating better. Akbar V freshly underwent gastric sleeve surgery, a popular weight loss procedure that shrinks the size of the stomach and reduces your appetite resulting in the shedding of pounds. She revealed her dramatic transformation in a side-by-side photo of her body before surgery and after. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tokyo Vanity showed off an inspiring weight loss for her Instagram followers.

But, despite all the dating rumors and presenting Zell as someone more than a friend on her socials, Zell confirmed that Paris was her friend in his post in February 2022. Paris had also posted pictures in October 2019 sharing the similar sentiment, “REAL FRIENDS is 1350 a good sat score ‼️‼️💯❤️👫”. Prior to the weight loss, when Paris Phillips used to be bigger, she used to dress conservatively rarely putting her skin on display. After the weight loss, she does not bother to cover up much more and is often seen showing off her legs.

Thankfully, with successful surgery, the energetic celebrity has been able to live her best life as she advocates for women taking control of their health. Thanks to a healthier diet , along with cardio and Pilates, Wendy has managed to maintain her weight loss. She also attributes her newfound health to the “weight loss” of toxic people. Thanks to raw foods, dance workouts, and believing in herself, Mo’nique has managed to stay fit after losing a total of 80-pounds since embarking on her journey to becoming healthier. WhenRaven-Symonéreportedly dropped 35-pounds after ending her Disney Channel show,That’s So Raven, fans were dying to know her weight loss secret. “Liquid fasts. Bee stings. urine of pregnant women. You name it. I have tried it,” the Grammy Award-winning producer jokingly shared withWebMD.