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McFarlane said she was concerned he would promote the use of shock collars and ‘bonking’ to the New Zealand audience. Petition organiser and dog behaviourist Kelly Mcfarlane said she was against his techniques because they were abusive and outdated. He defended his technique and said he only used such measures on the most difficult of dogs, and the video being shared had been doctored to fit an agenda. ‘Due to the recent events that have put my company, Solid K9 Training, myself, and my family under massive attack across the globe, I have decided it is no longer time to sit back and ignore the threats that have been coming to me by the thousands,’ he wrote on Facebook. Shimmer, Tov and Marvin hanging out with me doing duration work while other dogs are being trained in the yard.

But he added it’s been difficult for those employees to put anything in writing for fear of retaliation. Newman said many of the complaints involve videos filmed outside of Rhode Island — and so not within the RISPCA’s jurisdiction to investigate — and also that the state’s current laws defining animal cruelty make pinpointing “abuse” difficult. What Gellman needed to do to establish those dog training businesses was fill out paperwork and pay a $230 filing fee for his articles of incorporation, a representative with the state’s Division of Business Services told Lady Freethinker. Gellman bills himself as a “nationally known, award-winning dog trainer” specializing “in aggression rehab” on his LinkedIn profile. Can be dangerous because they do not change a dog’s behavior in the long-term and also can teach dogs to suppress warning signals — such as growling or whining — while increasing fear or aggression, which can lead to serious attacks against people.

Having fancy letters after your name, taking an online course or even going to a university for animal behavior does not mean you know how to train a dog. It is my mission to correct the misinformation spread by the so-called experts who do not understand animal behavior nor the needs of dog owners. Most professional dog trainers have never trained a dog out of a classroom. A stomach-churning video from social media has authorities investigating a dog training facility for animal cruelty … And the images of the dog getting brutally slammed to the ground is pretty damning evidence.

I own Solid K9 Training I am a real world dog trainer and I abuse dogs. I leave for Denver CO at 5am Thursday to go to an event titled BlogPaws, it is a conference for dog related bloggers, I am going to meet the 30 or so large scale sponsors to network and get advertisers mcat study schedule template excel for my successful radio show. I am also looking to become a lot of the bloggers dog trainer source since I am a successful dog trainer. I am excited to meet bloggers who are in need of a successful dog trainer that can help them make their blog even better.

I had a wonderful group of dog fosters stop by at 8am today to start working with the dogs that they foster. This is a free program I offer the folks who foster from Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog. Talking with Mattie and Nathan on some subtle training tips to make the work they do even better than it is, which not only benefits the dogs but themselves.