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Plugging in to Course Evaluation

For courses taken at non-Arizona schools, we suggest using theUniversity of Arizona’s Transfer Credit and Articulationwebsite to determine the equivalent prerequisite courses offered at your institution. Please use theTransfer Credit Guideto determine if your school has been evaluated and what courses are equivalent. If your courses have not been vetted, please contact our Admissions Team for the noom gift card next steps. All prerequisites must be completed and grades posted by your institution by June 30 of the application year before matriculation in August. College course credit awarded for AP science courses may fulfill the relevant core prerequisites. The admissions committee will also expect to see advanced-level undergraduate courses in the science disciplines for which the AP credit was awarded.

While our emphasis is undergraduate education, we offer a wide range of graduate programs and research. Our institution has carefully integrated on-campus education with distance learning, forming seamless avenues for students to earn degrees. The ASU college of your major determines how transfer courses fulfill the degree requirements of your ASU major. You should review the degree requirements of the program into which you intend to transfer and talk with an academic advisor about your transfer credits and how they will apply to your degree program.

Otherwise, to view the original post and to apply, proceed to nau.jobs, follow the ‘Faculty and Administrator Openings’ link, locate vacancy , and then “Apply” at the bottom of the page. By its very nature, this kind of exemplary performance cannot always be spelled out clearly in advance. “A”s are reserved for special efforts that exceed expectations by demonstrating exceptional creativity, boldness, commitment, ingenuity, or polish, and are available for the highest accomplishments. In sum, if you submit an assignment that only meets the minimum competencies, you should not expect to receive an A in such an assignment.

We have found that when using a feedback-and-refinement system, where students give feedback at their leisure, comments tend to be more plentiful and insightful. Our recent survey of a graduate management course found that students typed an average of four times as many comments (62 words/student) as students completing a paper-based version of the same evaluation form at the end of class (15.4 words/student). In addition, comments delivered through the online system were automatically sorted by categories and searchable by key words, generating individual results and lists of action-oriented recommendations. Comments written on the paper-based form had to be re-typed to hide recognizable handwriting and provided no means of ordering the information for the instructor’s benefit.

Grades for online discussions will be posted regularly to assist students in understanding expectations. Arizona policymakers should provide dedicated funding and administrative autonomy to similar institutions at UA and NAU. ABOR currently possesses no Regents with extensive experience within the university who are equipped to understand the nature of the ideological challenge to higher education and the administrative tools at its disposal. Arizona’s governors should commit to appointing a minimum of three Regents with such experience, who are capable of manning a supervisory committee dedicated to these subject matters. These Regents should be expected to devote a substantial portion of their time to this committee work, if necessary with an appropriate stipend.