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Polyurethane Injection For Uneven Concrete in Kansas City, KS & MO

Nate has over 10 years of experience and expertise in the industry. Nate worked as a General Manager for a company that provided polyjacking services in two major metropolitan cities. His experience and knowledge helps to provide our customers with the best product from the most experienced crew. Several slabs of our driveway were sunken at various angles and at the entrance to the garage 2 inches in some places. The Level All crew arrived with a positive, professional attitude and brought all of the seams back to flush.

Their eco-friendly alternative to repairing concrete is done by using a special dirt and mortar mix that holds well together. This method reduces the chances that re-occurring issues come up with the new concrete repairs. Above other mudjacking services, this company is known for specializing in the areas of void fills, trip hazards, and sinking or settle slabs. The focus on these areas makes them the primary source for most mudjacking concrete fixes that are needed. Depending on the extent of the damage, some of their services can be offered at a price as low as $400. Additionally, they make sure to stay up to date on any mudjacking technology to ensure the best quality services.

Concrete resurfacing costs less than replacing the slab, while still offering a freshly-poured look and a variety of decorative styles. Find out about the different concrete resurfacing cost factors and how much concrete overlays cost. The final result is an improvement to the front of my home. First, we value you as our customer and intend to do “whatever it takes” to make the completed project the way .. “The estimate was just fine and they came up with a solution with similar pricing. Very knowledgeable and provided all info needed to make an informed decision.”

This is the preferred method of concrete slab leveling in the Kansas City area. Hot summers and cold winters cause soil particles and concrete to expand and contract, but poly jacking holds its original form in any temperature. Most people are surprised to learn about the considerable benefits of polyjacking foam. The polyurethane foam helps compress the soil underneath the void to ensure there isn’t any additional settlement. That’s because when compared to concrete replacement, the process of raising concrete with polyurethane foam is inexpensive , and is exponentially faster than replacing the concrete.

This is a very effective solution for repairing sinking concrete sidewalks, slabs, stairs, and more. This commercial business in St. Joseph, MO received a new floor coatings application to their exterior patio area. Before the installation began, we lifted and leveled the concrete before the floor coatings began. The first step of the polyjacking process is to drill a small hole through the concrete and into the subgrade. Then, a tapered delivery port is placed into that hole to inject our polyurethane material underneath the slab. We work with concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, steps, basement floors, garage floors, and pool decks.

More importantly, these benefits will continue to be an important factor in the use of this method as long as we continue to use concrete as one of the foundational pieces of most platforms. That said, stay away from companies that don’t have the proper combination of these two main qualities. Polyjacking can be used in everything from raising front porches, stairs, or any other concrete based surface. The personnel were totally professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. The slurry will fill the voids and the pressure will build to push the concrete up back towards original position. The hardened mix will be lighter than concrete but more stable..

The area of the building’s foundation affected by the water main break. A broken water main washed out the soil underneath an area of the foundation of this industrial facility on Front Street in Kansas City. Spartan Ram Jack will also offer warranties on the work performed. Your project could be eligible to be covered under the Ram Jack Warranty Trust. Our national Ram Jack Warranty Trust program is an extra level of protection designed specifically for homeowners.

Some of their services include sidewalk repairs, driveway repairs, and any other home-based concrete repairs. Their services promise to deliver a high-quality repair finish with a fair price and bonus five-year warranty. This combination of features has done a good job at raising client confidence levels. With over two generations apple en sawgrass worth of experience, the Polyjacking company has more than enough experience under their belt. Throughout the years, their services have landed them positive reviews with the Home Guilders Association and the BBB. As far as their Polyjacking services, they use a unique polyurethane concrete leveling to concentrate their slabs.

Foam is better than mud jacking because the hardened foam is not affected by water and weather. The concrete will not sink again once the foam has lifted it. The mud-jacking material is made up of water, concrete, and dirt.

Driveway and front walkway leading to porch have minor settling, looking for a long term solution and perhaps to increase the lifetime of the concrete. Knowledge of the use, handling, and disposal of polyurethane spray foam and hazards and control methods. We take pride in living, working, and giving back to Kansas City communities. We are truly passionate about foundation repair and keeping Kansas City homes safe. Now that we understand the importance of mudjacking companies and let’s discuss how to spot a good one in Kansas City.