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Practice Packages

The cameras, usually set up to the side of a cage with a view of home plate, track the entry velocity and location of the pitch but also its exit trajectory off the bat in real-time. An add-on feature, the video capture and analysis module , syncs the data with a video clip of each swing. Users can also take advantage of the option of sending their training data to an online leaderboard. Here, players can compete with other HitTrax users without leaving the comforts of their preferred batting cages. The friendly competition can also light the fire of competitiveness in players, enhancing their drives for improvement. Enter HitTrax – a baseball simulator that can capture batting data with great precision.

In their first year utilizing HitTrax, Seattle University increased their offensive performance in every single statistical category. The Redhawks went on to win their first ever wiffle ball strike zone dimensions WAC regular season title, WAC Championship title and NCAA Tournament game in program history. In 2019 they led their conference in batting average, RBIs, and total bases.

All rostered players will also receive a 1-YEAR FACILITY MEMBERSHIP… This system uses technologies like the video capture and analysis module , which turns batting cages into high-tech training centers. Players can review their performances to find out areas of improvement. We are proud to introduce the HitTrax at Strike Force Baseball Academy. The HitTrax is a training simulator that captures real time data, while displaying live hits in parks all over the world. The HitTrax device is the most innovative tool on the baseball market today, and will give your son or daughter advanced training before we couldn’t imagine.

Whether it’s hitting leagues, tournaments or home run derby’s, HitTrax brings the excitement of the outdoor game into our facility. About a quarter of major league clubs use HitTrax, Donfrancesco said. Baltimore Orioles slugger Mark Trumbo, the 2016 MLB home run king, has spoken about his offseason work with HitTrax. Bobby Tewksbary, the hitting guru who worked with 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson of the Toronto Blue Jays, uses one in his facility. Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Baez posted a photo to Instagram of his batting cage work at Wrigley Field with a HitTrax device clearly visible to the side.

This system emulates different baseball and softball scenarios to enhance skills and improve areas of concern. Plus, customers need to pay for subscriptions to take full advantage of the entire system. If you have the extra cash and you’re serious about baseball, then HitTrax can be the high-tech baseball simulator for you. It’s tough to progress in baseball when the only things you can count on are your eyes. Plus, it’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to gauge your pitching or batting skills with pinpoint accuracy with nothing but your eyes. Today, and with the help of technology, you can now train to become one of the best pitchers or batters.

Six innings/30 minutes games are available for a faster turnaround or to accommodate games within hitting leagues follow scheduled times. The hope of such entertainment features — with more promised in the coming months — is to inject fun back into training and lure more youngsters to baseball and softball. With the standard practice package, teams receive 1-hour of Batting Cage time in 4 cages, and 1-hour of Field time in our turf gymnasium. Additionally, teams receive 1-hour of Pitching Mound time to be used either in conjunction with their Batting Cage time or on a separate day to build and maintain their team pitchers and catchers.