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Protective Sleep Hairstyles to Avoid Damage

This is an excellent choice of hairstyle for you if your goal is to wake up with chic body waves that are smooth to the touch. But, if you prefer to sleep on your back, you might find this position unsatisfactory. If you braid your hair to the sides rather than the back, you will not have the same level of irritation. how do i keep my curls overnight This is especially true for those who have naturally curlier hair. The more tightly something is curled or coiled, the greater the risk that it will break. Not sleeping well can lead to several different health problems, including stress, skin problems, low energy levels, and a compromised immune system.

By brushing out tangles or snarls from your hair before you go to bed, you’re being proactive about frizz and matted hair. Depending on your hair type, a simple paddle brush or a wide-toothed comb will work to brush out your hair before your style it for the night and go to sleep. If you’ve recently started your natural hair journey, then you may have tons of questions about the best way to care for your hair—especially while you’re sleeping.

This ensures your hair stays moisturized and soft while you sleep and minimizes breakage or damage. You’re having a perfect hair day and you can’t even imagine laying your head down on the pillow only to be greeted by a tangled mess in the morning. The use of protective hairstyles for sleeping can be a game changer for your morning routine.

There are many chic and gorgeous short hairstyles that look fabulous on a variety of women. From the pixie cut to a wavy bob, these are all comfortable hairstyles to sleep in overnight. While regular maintenance is still needed when you sleep with short hair, the effort involved is much simpler by comparison. With short hairstyles, you will enjoy the significant time saved in your daily and nightly haircare routine. Looking for an alternative to the loose braid or the messy bun? There are many other ways to tie up your hair before you go to sleep every night.

You can also use a scrunchie to hold your hair, and then use clips to hold the spilling tresses off your face. Your long hair is most prone to tangling and breakage when you leave it flowing unprotected all over the mattress. Follow the tips below to keep your hair from tangling at night, minimize hair breakage, and maintain a healthy and luscious mane.