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Puerto Rico Horseback Riding through Secluded Beaches and Tropical Forests Marriott

If you can’t swim, go kiosk hopping and enjoy local fritters and fresh seafood. Boqueron Beach is such a cozy, secluded spot that it was once a hideaway for pirates, who are said to have hidden their treasures in nearby caves. You might find crowds here on the weekend, but if you visit during the week, it’s usually pretty deserted.

The beach has several excellent hotels and resorts close to the San Juan International Airport. Isla Verde is one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico for a good reason. The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from mid-April through to June. Puerto Rico tends to be very busy with tourists during the winter months.

Beaches west of Ponce (El Tuque, Las Salinas, Matilde, etc.) exhibit sand that is mostly white, resulting from its calcareous content, and primarily composed of coral fragments and marine shells. Also, the sand at mainland Ponce beaches tends to be generally dark while in the offshore Ponce islands sand is white. You have to hike about 20 minutes from Seven Seas Beach on Puerto Rico’s northeast coast to reach Playa Colara, but once you show up, you’ll likely be rewarded with the beach to yourself. It features a long stretch of gold sand and clear turquoise-tinged sea in a pretty cove backed by lots of lush greenery. However, on days with wind and a west or northwest swell, it is a top-notch spot that attracts large crowds.

Check out our picks for clothing-optional beaches, resorts and more. Top Places to See in Puerto Rico Historic sites, culinary experiences, outdoor adventures, and beautiful beaches. Although violent crimes may not concern visitors, natural disasters can affect tourists.

We did as we were told, only to feel a wave of disappointment navigate our bodies. Her flight arrived super late, which forced us to stay at a sketchy, little hotel in Fort Lauderdale. I think the guy behind the counter was on the phone with the police reporting a crime. 2022 Romantic Travel Guide y travel blog holiday inspiration turquoise holidays – Best all inclusive vacation, resorts for couples, romantic places, and things to do. Playa Grande is exatly as the name suggests…grand with a dramatic landscape. Although not a good beach for bathing, it is a brethtaking sight and good starting point for a long walk al the way to Playa Negra .

The beach runs for nearly a mile and is popular with joggers and walkers as well. Beautiful beaches are what put Puerto Rico on the tourism map in the first place. The island’s coastline is a string of sun-soaked spots ideal for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, socializing, or enjoying your solitude.

This beach is a favorite among locals for its colorful landscape, its pier, and the availability of watersports like jet skiing. For many reasons, Old San Juan is our top choice for the best area to stay in San Juan – including having a beautiful secluded beach within walking distance. Playa Peña, also known as La Ocho Beach, is located across the Capitol and you can get there by using the stairs next to the statue. While its scenery will dazzle any nature enthusiast, it doesn’t have many spots for shade so you should visit prepared with umbrellas and sunblock.

The rocks to the left of the beach are good for climbing on. Domes Beach, also called Lighthouse Beach and Maria’s Beach, on the point in Rincón is famous for big wave surfing during winter. Note, this is not a beginner beach, and swimming here is not recommended due to dangerous rip currents. Note before getting into the Atlantic Ocean that the current here is strong, and unless you are a good swimmer, it’s best not to venture out far. You’ll also find the usual gamut of paid water sports on offer here, and should you get hungry there are restaurants by the beach and in the neighborhood beyond.

We reveal the secrets of a few beaches in North Carolina and South Carolina. Find out which beaches we recommend for families, history buffs, kite boarders and hang gliders. The Caribbean has more than its share of breathtaking beaches. Head to charming Culebra Island, just 18 miles east of Puerto Rico. Playa Escondida shares a trail with Playa Colorá and are completely different. Historic Hotels and Resorts in Puerto Rico Travel back in time to another era without sacrificing modern comforts.