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Puerto Rico Medical Schools Comparison

Your application must demonstrate why the medical schools you apply to would be lucky to have you as a student! If you apply blindly, without appropriate research, this cannot be achieved. Medical school acceptance rates by major for some insight into how your undergrad major plays into medical school applications.

Your goal is to show your interviewers that you want to attend their program specifically. Are there clinical opportunities available at that program that appeal to you? Do the school’s core values resonate with you and your career goals? Make a connection between your own personal goals and the attributes or mission of the school. Some medical schools will send secondary applications and secondary essay prompts to strong applicants they are interested in or to all applicants as a way to further narrow the applicant pool. Even if a secondary essay is marked as optional, use every chance to further diversify yourself and add a bit more to your initial application, even if you think you’re already a strong applicant.

Applying to more than 3 schools that have higher cut-offs than your GPA and MCAT is a waste of your time and effort. Remember, if you’re applying to “out-of-reach” schools, at least make sure that your experiences meet the school’s expectations. Additionally, check out the schools’ mission statements and program descriptions on their official websites. You can find out what kind of qualities and experiences your schools of choice prefer in their matriculants. Compare how your own experiences match with those of the schools’ matriculants.

Through research, students can develop their critical thinking and analysis skills, learn more about the broader medical research field and emerging studies, and prepare for research projects they will participate in in medical school. Research is also beneficial when it comes 30 no career to preparing for your clinical rotations in medical school. During your rotations, you’ll be encountering a great amount of new, complex medical information and having the skills and knowledge developed from research will create a solid foundation of learning for you.

The government subsidizes the tuition of in-state applicants since they are the taxpayers of this state. Additionally, in-state applicants are more likely to stay and practice medicine in their home state, which will inevitably benefit the state when the student graduates from medical school and joins a residency program. This is why many medical schools have a distinction between in-state and out-of-state applicants, and even use different metrics to assess candidates from out-of-state. Furthermore, when you are planning which schools to apply to, you must carefully consider the schools’ mission statements, objectives, goals, and class profiles to see whether you are a good fit for the schools you want to attend. Only then can you craft a fitting personal statement, AMCAS works and Activities, and secondaries.

You can consider hiring a tutor to help you boost your grades in your courses or retake courses in which you performed poorly. If you’ve started your medical school research early on, you’ll still have time to boost your GPA and MCAT score so you can have a better shot of getting into your top-choice school. “I don’t think that all four schools had gotten together before to do this type of educational event, and it was unique because it was for medical students solely,” said Vázquez. Parrilla enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students at other schools with a shared purpose. Hi so my current boss is from PR and went to med school there.

If medical school admissions committees can see that you are already readying yourself for the challenges of medical school and can show that you’re equipped to stick with those challenges, you will stand out as a candidate. The medical school admission statistics in the tables above can certainly help inform you as you begin your medical school application journey. But remember that this is only the beginning, and there are several things you’ll need to consider and questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you start applying to every school on this list.