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Python error expected an indented block How to avoid it

Each of these would fetch you points and you could be among the top contributors and win exciting merchandise from Edureka. To write a docstring, you use two sets of triple apostrophes (”’) or quotes (“””), which makes multi-line comments in Python possible. Indentation refers to the spaces at the beginning of a code line.

Statement , if condition , and statement belongs to the same block which means that after statement 1, if condition will be executed. And suppose the if condition becomes False then the Python will jump to the last statement for execution. Indentation is a vital feature of readable, maintainable code, but few languages enforce it. As it sounds, this error is produced when a division by zero occurs in your code. To avoid this error, you should make sure you have nonzero divisors before performing a division. This error occurs when an index into a list or string is out of range.

Properly indented code is more readable and consistent across teams. Where in other programming languages the indentation in code is for readability only, the indentation in Python is very important. This error is mostly generated in sublime as it does not follows PEP8 format, i.e., 4 spaces indentation. Sublime text editor follows tabs as indentation, so there are most chances to get the indentation error. Otherwise, in your code, give the indent with only the spaces equal to every loop, conditional, and user-defined function. In this example, we will be using the if condition for writing the code and seeing the particular error.

For example, attempting my_list when the list my_list has zero, one, or two elements will produce an IndexError. Python will not alert you to the fact that the function may not always return an integer; it usually becomes a problem when some other code makes use of this function. The problem with this function is that it may not always return an integer value.

On the second line, the stack trace lists the file and line number the interpreter was running when it encountered the error. Usually the error and description are enough to deduce what went wrong with your program, but sometimes the description is confusing. If you’re not sure what an error means, consult the following list.

At the first level of the indentation line, numbers 1, 3, and 8 belong to a single block. In this program, the statements inside the bodies of if and else are indented. Add missing lines to the program or complete the pending programming. Check the indentation of statements inside the function.

Since both numbers are the same type, and + is supported between ints, Python uses integer addition and comes up with 9. You might expect that the function caps() could be accessed from the shell. However, the shell doesn’t know any function with the name caps(), because it’s defined inside the length() function.

In this example, we will be using the if-else condition for writing the code and seeing the particular error. We have taken two variables, ‘a’ and ‘b,’ with some integer value. Then, applied the if-else condition and indented the if block but not the else block. While programming you have placed an beer and shot week portland indentation in the wrong place. Since python follows strict guidelines when it comes to arranging the code, if you placed any indentation in the wrong place, the indentation error is mostly inevitable. Statement from the main part of the program into the code block of a loop, you need to indent it.