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SGA/SGB – People interpret the acronyms in a variety of ways, but it basically means the bobblehead is only available as a stadium giveaway. Depending on the team, they might be available to all in attendance, or limited to a pre-announced number, less than the capacity of the stadium. 15,000 to 20,000 is a common amount for these giveaways and they are free with the purchase of a ticket to a specified game. Stadium giveaway bobbleheads are free because they are generally sponsored. This means there will usually be a brand logo somewhere on the bobble. Retail – This means that the bobblehead can be purchased in a traditional brick-and-mortar store or at established online sites.

Naturally, when something has value, people are curious which versions command the highest values. With bobbleheads, there are few categories which tend to draw the highest values. This bottle of Allsopp’s Artic Ale was brewed for Sir Arthur Belcher in 1852 to celebrate his Arctic expedition. The bottle was originally bought on eBay for a paltry $304, but a misspelling in the listing catcher tips softball prevented many interested collectors’ from learnign about the auction. When the bottle of ale was relisted by the new owner with the proper spelling — Allsopp’s — activity intensified, culminating in the spectacular final selling price of more than a half-million dollars. The Dunes hotel and casino in Las Vegas was demolished in 1993, but some of its playing cards are still around.

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Keith Hernandez’s magical loogie is the stuff of baseball/Seinfeld legend. The Brooklyn Cyclones took it upon themselves to highlight the moment during a game last summer, and we are forever thankful for that. Although there’s nothing special about its appearance, it did spark a comeback win over the A’s last season. From travel, food and lifestyle to product reviews and deals, we’re here to show you how to save and what’s worth saving for. Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” was a landmark science-fiction film, conveying a dystopian future in silent format.

By 1960, Major League Baseball produced a series of papier-mache bobblehead dolls, for each baseball team, all with the same angel-like face. Player-specific dolls for Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roger Maris, and Roberto Clemente, were produced for the first time and sold during the 1960 World Series. Although the uniforms were different, each of them shared the same face. Unfortunately, because of their papier-mache construction, very few of these early bobble head dolls have survived without damage – usually chipping or cracking. The variety of bobbleheads has grown to include even relatively obscure popular culture figures and notable people.

The original, one of just a handful in existence, is in near-mint condition and started at $2,500 on Brey’s auction page. Brey sold this one, in gem condition, in January 2016, and like most nodders of the era, it was ultra-rare. Brey sold the Popeye doll — which he called “perhaps the rarest doll there is” — in July 2011 and said it was in gem condition. The doll of Magoo, the legendary cartoon character, was in mint condition when Brey auctioned it off in June 2014.