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Red Things: 101 Things That Are Red in Nature 2023

In fact, the first part of this much-loved creature’s name is an allusion to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. The ladybug’s name functioned as an earthly reminder of a key figure in the Christian story, encountered in the green fields and gardens where one might toil daily. There is no coat in coat of arms, and neither are there arms in the most common, anatomical sense.

LadybugLadybug – From the family of beetles, this red bug with black dots is a beauty to behold. Red almandine garnetAlmandine Garnet – A deep red gem used in water filtration, sandblasting, waterjet cutting, etc. Bichromatic Tourmaline Crystal GemRed Tourmaline – Also known as rubellite tourmaline, this reddish gemstone is popularly used as jewelry. Note that we’ve only listed things that are naturally red, so no artificial alterations.

The ISCC-NBS Dictionary of Color Names is a color dictionary used by stamp collectors to identify the colors of stamps. When the X11 color names were invented in 1987, the color tomato was formulated as one of them. The first recorded use of tea rose as a color name in English was in 1884. The color cantaloupe melon is a representation of the color of the interior flesh of a cantaloupe, the most commonly consumed melon.

Today, you’re far more likely to see this color in a set of colored pencils, but some luxury train cars still bear the color. Kenyan Copper Red is a rich reddish-brown color that is supposed to remind the viewer of the sun-baked earth, the vivid sunset, or the bright sheen of burnished copper. English Red is a classic oil shade that has long been used by painters and interior decorators alike.

I’ve seen some creative ideas and comments on these pages 😉. This color thesaurus was originally published September 2015 and has been updated several times. Click to see all 20 green hex codes and RGB values with color chart. You can also check out all 20 purple hex codes for the list below.

It has a slight rust color to it and is a few shades darker than traditional red, but it’s still bright enough to lend a sense of comfort and cheer to any setting. Carnelians are bright, reddish-orange semiprecious minerals that are found throughout Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, and Germany. The Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax is often considered one of the most successful football badass group names for friends clubs in the Netherlands. Named after the Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War, the club’s official colors include red, white, blue, and black. The home uniforms feature details in a bright, dynamic red color. The San Francisco 49ers are a California-based NFL team that take their name from the 1849 gold rush that drew so many American settlers to what is now California.