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Rideshares, Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi available in Guánica, Puerto Rico

You should also be absolutely sure to purchase the rental insurance too. It will more than likely come in handy when you get your rental damaged by a pothole or something else and it only costs an extra ten dollars per day. In fact, legislation was pushed for by taxi lobbyist groups and won that now prohibits ride-share apps from picking up or dropping off at the airport and certain hotels in San Juan.

Publicos were not running durring our time liivng in Puerto Rico due to social distancing rules. If your not keen on traveling in crapmed transportation then you might want to skip publicos. Looking for a more personalized transportation experience in Puerto Rico?

I never felt unsafe when traveling in Puerto Rico and getting around via taxis. Like many places, it comes down to using common sense but I don’t believe you need to be on any heightened state of alert when using Uber in Puerto Rico. Yes, Uber was great to get around, but we needed to meet them curbside, they were not allowed to pick up at the hotel door.

But many uber drivers will tell you the desired places to get picked up at if it is an area where there is an “understanding” with taxi drivers not only encroach on their territory. Watch for other cars as the Locals drive in snowboarding tips intermediate a very casual manner. Most of the people we encountered on the roads didn’t use turn signals and didn’t pay much mind to speed limits. Speed limits seem to be regarded more like recommendations for driving in California.

Some are locals and some are horseback riding tours returning from an excursion. I will be traveling to PR next week so lets see if there are any improvements. According to my sister, Uber is available everywhere now. Potholes are usually repaired within a few days but there is so much construction repairs going on that many lanes are converted into one lane creating massive traffic jams daily.

In some parts of the world, you can pay in cash with Uber, but in Puerto Rico, you must use a debit or credit card. Just like in other parts of the US, Uber drivers go through a background check. When you come out of the arrivals area, collect your luggage, and exit to the front of the airport, you’ll see a line for taxis. Here you will pay $21 to go to the center of San Juan and around the hotel district. ✈️ As we said earlier, you can technically get Uber from the airport in San Juan but there are some difficulties that come with it.