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Rift over naturism laid bare by bar on Spains oldest nudist beach Spain

L’Esprit, an excellent French restaurant, is within walking distance of Grand Saline and well worth a visit. Just make sure to put your clothes back on before heading over. Cala Tuent is located on the north coast of Mallorca, the surroundings are of great beauty. This beautiful pebble beach is located in the municipality of Manacor.

Although on any beach in Mallorca it is possible to bathe naked, the best option is to choose beaches where it is popularly accepted. Mallorca offers a wide variety of beaches where you can sunbathe and swim naked, some of these beaches are quite popular and crowded. Cofete beach in Fuerteventura has 12 kilometers of fine gold sand and the sea is very dangerous due to strong currents.

This means that technically every beach could be considered clothing optional. If you plan to get naked on beaches that are not regularly visited by naturists, it’s best to walk away from the crowds before dropping your pants. The south of Spain, on the other hand, gets hot summers and mild winters due to its spanish beach nudity Mediterranean climate. Temperatures in the summer months easily go into the 30s and often reach the 40s. If you’re planning an active vacation you might want to avoid these months. Also, the Spanish Costas run full of tourists during high season and the possibility to get naked on the beaches becomes less.

This is said to be the most beautiful nude beach in the region. In this section, we’ll give you an overview of popular nude beaches in every region of Spain. In this case, it’s important to understand the culture and etiquette of the country. Just like few people would appreciate it if you’d walk around in speedos or bikini in any city center, also nudity is pretty much out of the question. The acceptance of nudity in Spain is mostly focused on the beaches.

This white sand beach and crystal clear cold waters is situated in the natural setting of Cies Islands, Pontevedra. It is also popularly known as the beach of Los Alemanes. Access to this beach is by a well marked path where nudists and non-nudists coexist naturally.