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ROTC Scholarships: Northern Kentucky University, Greater Cincinnati Region

His areas of expertise include strategic management and planning as well as mergers and acquisitions. “Ali Malekzadeh has made many strides as a business dean at Xavier, and I look forward to seeing what his accomplishments at K-State will be,” said K-State President Kirk Schulz. Texas health officials haven’t changed their minds – or their positions – on childhood immunizations. “I personally think that vaccinations are one of the greatest public health triumphs of human history,” said Witold Migala, a professor of epidemiology at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. The Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 was the most wrenching economic downturn since the Great Depression.

The dynamic nature of campus safety is apparent as policies are subject to change on an annual basis when deemed necessary. There also was one report of aggravated battery and 2 reports of domestic violence recorded in 2013 on the Chicago campus crime report. Courses for credit in the general education program must be approved by NKU’s director of general education. Have been enrolled at NKU at least half-time during the preceding spring semester, in which case they are not required to be enrolled at NKU during the summer. A list of colleges and universities that are members of GCCCU or SOCHE follows the list of policies below.

PROMOTING YOUR EVENTS Learn best practices and helpful tips for advertising events on campus and information about how to properly use Xavier’s brand and. These forms are annually renewed by existing advisors each spring as a part of the formal reactivation process; however, the form should also be resubmitted any time your club changes advisors. The form submitted online by the advisor, should also be digitally approved by the Club President. Know at least three vehicles for students to gain information of activities/events.

The reports themselves give an extensive look at the crime statistics on the multiple facilities on and off of Saint Xavier’s main campus. To view the reports and also to examine the annual security report policy statements students are directed to visit sxu.edu and search under the safety and security section of the site under student life. Air Force ROTC prepares students to assume positions as commissioned officers in the U.S. Air Force, through a combination of classroom and practical leadership experiences, and esprit-de-corps activities with others in the cadet wing.

Students explore community, state, national, and international issues in the classroom and beyond the classroom. University-sponsored public forums draw students and the community together to discuss timely topics, from healthcare to new media, from the economy to education. NKU students have travelled to California’s agricultural udayton career services valleys to learn about migrant workers and to New Orleans’ Ninth Ward to learn about disaster relief. Closer to home, they have built web pages for small nonprofit agencies, designed exhibits for community museums, chipped in after tornadoes for disaster relief, and partnered with inner-city residents to address community needs.

Course credits and grades for courses earned under this program will be posted on the NKU transcript. Credit hours earned under this program are considered as credits earned in residence at NKU. The total number of consortium semester hours a student may take is limited to 12. Student enrollment at the consortium institution may not exceed one-half of total class load for any one semester, and student must be enrolled in course at NKU. Learn how to access your club fund, what financial forms need to be submitted for various payments, as well as options for funding and fundraising. Check out the quick and easy tutorials and how-to videos to help you better understand club financial forms.

There is no military obligation incurred for taking courses numbered below 300. The courses numbered 300 and above qualify the student for a commission as an officer in the United States Army. A military obligation is incurred for taking courses numbered 300 and above. Admission to courses numbered 300 and above must be approved by the chair of the military science department. Learning communities organize popular courses, including many general education courses, to promote student learning and to enhance connections among students, and among students and faculty. Typically, a group of 24 students enrolls in two or three courses that are linked together.

Non-contracted cadets must obtain a “sports physical” from a physician who must attest that there is nothing that would preclude the student from normal participation in a regular physical education class. No prior military training is required, and students are not required to enlist in the Army to join ROTC. However, students who do have prior military service or who are current Army National Guard or Army Reserve members may be granted credit for MSC 100- and MSC 200-level classes, at the discretion of the professor of military science.