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When I called to reserve two days during the week I was told they had one spot left that was $42. When I arrived they told me the only spot they had was a premium spot directly on the river which is more money. Once were in the park or realize that at least half of it is empty and stayed empty the entire three days while we were there. As well they had other one night people who they kept placing in the premium riverfront spots when they were plenty of other pull through sites available. So it seems like they’re pushing everybody into their premium spots to make more money. And that whole last available site thing is clearly bogus.

While outsiders have heard of it, many Americans have seen it in films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and Bite the Bullet. The town was once a stop on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad, which had a spur line running between Durango and Alamosa, Colorado. If you’re someone that likes to get off the beaten path, getting a campsite at Rio Chama RV Park will be the ideal vacation.

Or find truck stops, store parking, RV dumps and services. You’ll also want to consider amenities. For example, if you’re planning to cook on the road, you’ll want a kitchenette. If your campground doesn’t have public restrooms, you’ll want to search RVs with bathrooms.

Chama is undoubtedly the hub of tourist activity in this small corner of the state, so you’ll have no trouble finding the essentials necessary for a motorhome camping trip. If you need to fuel up your rig, there are a couple of gas stations near the intersection of Highway 64 and 17 on the south side of town. Restaurants in Chama range from basic fast-food chains to pizza and authentic Mexican. However, if you’re interested in picking up some authentic Native American handicrafts from your New Mexico trip, Chama sits just on the northeast corner of the Jicarilla-Apache Nation Reservation. You can easily find beautiful blankets, artwork, and souvenirs at roadside stands and shops nearby.For more urban amenities, check out Pagosa Springs in Colorado, only a short drive north of Chama. Attracting considerably more tourists with its hot springs, Pagosa also has a thriving arts community, and there are dozens of downtown galleries to browse through there.

Runs was originally built by the Denver & Rio Grande out of Denver, Colorado. The most scenic section is now preserved as The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. When you are up in the high passes and the clatter of rail joints lulls your mind, think of all the people, and all their reasons for traveling, that have gone this way before. In one hundred years, that’s a lot of reasons. “Been staying at Rio Chama RV park for several years every time I go to the Cumbres Toltec railroad. The staff is great and very helpful. They keep the park very clean and inviting.” Been staying at Rio Chama RV park for several years every time I go to the Cumbres Toltec railroad.

Nervous about renting an RV with a bathroom? Owners can help show you how to clean the tank or will offer to do it for you for a fee. Chama is small village that is the terminus of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad. The railroad was not yet allowed in NM due to virus. There is also an open space park just up the hill from the RV park for hiking, biking and fishing.

All have fires rings and picnic tables. There is a railroad car clubhouse on site, a covered fo4 covenant picnic shelter and now a new pavilion. Pancake breakfasts served on occasional Saturdays.