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Samudrik Shastra Cheek Mole Meaning Know What Is The Meaning Of Cheek Mole According To Samudrik Shastra Know If It Is A Mole On The Cheek Govt Jobs News, University Exam Results, Time Table, Admit Card And Rojgar Results

For example, if you have a mole on the right side, then it is lucky, and you will have a happy married life. On the other hand, if you have a mole on the left side, you may face challenges in your professional life. Most skin moles develop by the age of 30 and according to Chinese astrology, they can have lots of different meanings depending on their location. For example, a mole on the nose means you’re very hard-working, while a mole on the cheek represents honesty. Whatever mole you have, you best believe it has a meaning.

Moles are more than just small black or brown lesions on your skin. They are also identification marks and are said to indicate a person’s luck in life. In 18th Century Mexico, it was not uncommon to see women wearing faux beauty marks made from tortoiseshell or fabric.

A mole on the wrist would tell you that the bearer had a poor childhood. A mole in the right armpit signifies a lust for money, while one in the left armpit is the mark of a man who is obsessed with women. People with a mole on the right side of the chest are more prone to have girls. People with a mole on the left side of the chest generally keep away from friends and relatives.

They are likely to benefit from the investments in the name of their wives. If the mole is at the left side of the eyebrow, such persons tend to drift towards misfortunes. They may be trumped in business and life because of their inability to handle money effectively. It’s a sign that the person will receive recognition for good deeds. If the mole is located on the right foot it represents a good spouse and family life. But, the one on the left foot represents financial problems and issues with their spouse.

A person with moles on their genitals is considered to be generous and honest. When in a relationship, this person will be a true lover and would expect more than just sex . This also denotes a happy marriage and contentment with their financial situation. Moles astrology, another branch of Saamudrik Shashtra, reveals the power of moles and their effects in one’s life. These body marks can very keenly reveal the personality, nature and destiny of an individual.

Some of the astrologers have also suggested that moles are connected to the movement of planets. A mole on either of the legs tells that the person is highly impulsive and lacks foresight. The right calf having a mole means that the individual will succeed in all aspects of life. A mole on the right knee means that the person is honest and friendly. A mole on the right hip means creativity, and a mole on the left indicates life satisfaction.

One or more moles on toes imply that the person will have an unhappy marital life even after marrying someone rich and financially sound. If a person has a mole on the right foot, s/he will gain a goodhearted spouse and satisfactory family life. Mole on the right knee means that bearer is honest, friendly in nature and have a successful love life. The position of a mole on the left side of eyebrows says that the person is a coward and will surely face difficulties in life office or business. Mole on the eyebrows’ middle means the bearer has leadership qualities and is entitled to fame and financial prosperity. Astrology defines Moles as a representative of one’s personality, Karma and actions, good or bad.

However, this generosity is only possible if you are a good financial planner. A mole under your eye usually means you’re going to have a lot of problems in your love life william frank hanson it might even be dealing with some cheating at some point. A mole on your right eyebrow means you’re going to have a very happy marriage and very healthy children.