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“scallops” in Spanish

Scallops swim in the direction of the valve opening, unless the velum directs an abrupt change in course direction. Look up translations for words and idioms in the online dictionary, and listen to how words are being pronounced by native speakers. PROMT dictionaries for English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese contain millions of words and phrases as well as contemporary colloquial vocabulary, monitored and updated by our linguists. In Galician cuisine, scallops are baked with breadcrumbs, ham, and onions. In Japanese cuisine, scallops may be served in soup or prepared as sashimi or sushi.

We don’t use those 2 ingredients but feel free to add them if you wish. The use of the scallop shell as a symbol of the Camino is documented since the beginnings of the pilgrimage to Santiago and there are several theories as to why it is a scallop shell and not something else. One of the most famous dishes with seafood in Spanish-speaking countries is pulpos a la gallega (Galician-style octopuses), cooked with pimentón , salt, and olive oil. Now that you know the names of so much seafood in Spanish, let’s cover how they can be prepared. En.wikipedia.orgThe spiny scallop usually has a symbiotic relationship with an encrusting sponge which grows on its left valve. En.wikipedia.orgThe theorem is named for the scallop, the only bivalve able to actively swim distances.

Some can also be found on the ocean floor, moving with the use of an extendable foot located between their valves or burrowing themselves in the sand by extending and retracting their feet. Scallops are highly sensitive to shadows, vibrations, water movement, and chemical stimuli. All possess a series of 100 blue eyes, embedded on the edge of the mantle of their upper and lower valves that can distinguish between light and darkness. They serve as a vital defense mechanism for avoiding predators.

The Tasman Bay / Te Tai-o-Aorere area was closed to commercial scallop harvesting from 2009 to 2011 due to a decline in the numbers. The commercial catch was down to 22 tonnes in 2015, and the fishery was closed again. The main causes for the decline seem to be fishing, climate effects, disease, pollutants, and sediment runoff from farming and forestry.

As promised, here’s more on the popular yellow arrows that show us the way. By the 20th century, the Camino the Santiago had almost disappeared into oblivion; what does pink underwear mean on new years the routes were not signposted and some stretches were not even passable. I love learning from different cultures and trying their cuisines.