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Selecting the Perfect Shutter Color

Consider the undertones of your siding color, and choose two or three other shades that complement the hue. The gray siding on this home, for example, has strong blue undertones, which are highlighted by the turquoise front door and patio furniture. White trim stands out brightly against the cool exterior colors. Your home’s exterior color scheme plays a pivotal role in its overall look and feel.

If you do private consultation, we can consider that. For example, if you are looking at all the whites, go 2-3 hues toward a creamier white instead of the neutral white that you first selected. I know it sounds crazy but on the exterior, direct light casts blue, so you need to offset your color with yellow/warmth to balance the casting of blue. When it came time to paint the exterior of our pool house outdoor kitchen, I had to choose a color that was actually about 3 times warmer than what I wanted in my desired end color. A gray house pairs well with shutters in other cool shades—think darker grays or a variety of blues.

The hue has such a unique tone that it almost appears iridescent, which helps elevate the stone used around the entryway. Many people equate contemporary homes with a limited exterior color palette. But modern-style homes offer inspiration for a diverse way to showcase color and pattern, even if the palette is fairly neutral. If you’re building new or remodeling your exterior, consider all the shapes and sizes of brick as a way to create an accent feature, rather than relying solely on paint for adding color. Here, the pattern on the brick section of the front facade is nearly mosaic-like. Functional features, such as drain pipes or front steps, can be a wonderful way to include different colors or materials, too.

And the window shutter made of wood is still a good choice for house owners. It is also flexible to match any style of the house. If you don’t like its original pictures of wooda color, you can paint it to be the color you like. The shutter color scheme like white house blue shutters or light gray house back shutters sounds great.

This house has two garage doors which are also gray. In addition, it has gray columns on either side of the covered entryway. This house contains numerous shades of gray to ensure that it holds on to the rustic vibe and energy. This house is a classic house with a rustic look. It has gray wood with partial gray stone at the bottom of the facade. It is a L shaped house giving it a slightly different look.

The flat panel is less decorative than the raised panel but more functional. They come with flat and solid panels and you can shut off them. Moreover, they allow a breeze to pass through when close and can block out strong sunlight. And they offer a good way to protect your privacy.

This New England style house has a red door that stands out. At first glance, you see the red against the gray. This is a large custom house that is a combination of gray brick and gray stone. This house has gray shingles and shingle siding with black trim and black windows. Was originally thinking about black shutters but couldn’t decide on what color door should be.