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Self Defense Weapons Non-Lethal Weapons

Make sure you know what you’re dealing with beforehand and maybe even set up some training time with your new tool. Whether you’re headed into the backcountry or just milling about in the city, it’s not a bad idea to consider getting one of these. Marketing pepper spray and brass knuckles to women isn’t new, but thanks to TikTok and Instagram, protective accessories are getting a bedazzled rebrand.

They can be worn every day as jewelry and if you’re ever in a dangerous situation, you’ll have an added level of protection. Their discreet protection makes it easy to wear whether you’re commuting to work, jogging in the park, or traveling overseas. We wouldn’t recommend carrying a flashlight in your bag or pocket for the sole purpose of self defense. Instead, purchase a Personal Keychain Alarm that has a flashlight built into it as well. You can also consider carrying a flashlight in your car for both general car emergency purposes and extra protection.

The explosions from your favorite fireworks can blast up to 140 decibels, which is also the threshold at which humans experience hearing pain. Price and other details may vary based on product size and colour.

With a bevy of features outside of the ability to write your monthly rent check, though, these tools are nothing to laugh at. But in a flash of rhinestones and feathers, women are feeling less passive about self-defense. Not even just for running; hiking alone, sketchy travel, gas stops, etc. Thank you for making great products so I don’t have to give up my freedom to run. The Go Guarded team has gone through multiple iterations to get each product to the most comfortable level possible, without sacrificing quality and strength.

I know I couldn’t overpower someone bigger or stronger than me, but my Go Guarded gives me the peace of mind to know I would still be able to get away if I were attacked. Go Guarded HAND-HELD provides double the protection – Pepper spray or alarm AND a Go Guarded knife! Due to the two features, it is practical for both deterring an attack with the pepper spray or alarm, and escaping a hands-on assault with the blade. Guns are hands down one of the best and most reliable self defense weapons for women.

If you’ve ever been attacked, preyed upon, or in a dangerous situation, you know how important it is to be armed with something – anything to give you a greater chance to fight off an attacker and survive. The best-self defense weapons are the ones you always have on your person, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice against an attacker. Before you hop on that late-night train home, protect yourself with these discrete self-defense weapons. New microsoft pitchbook ally series Lightweight Metal Nunchucks for Competitions and Demonstrations Have you been waiting for a set of light nunchucks that you can use to show off your strength, stamina, and speed? Our forge team at Kombativ is constantly innovating and they’ve come up with a new line of lightweight metal nunchucks that are perfect for martial arts demonstrations. Obviously, diplomacy is the preferred method of dealing with conflict but it doesn’t always work.

For example, if you have a baton that is flimsy and weak for your personal defense tool, you are not properly prepared in the event of an attack, robbery, or potential kidnapping. Instead, order anexpandable batonthat is strong and durable so you can fight off attackers or intruders. Having the proper self-defense weapons will give you peace of mind that no matter what situation arises, you are supplied to protect yourself, friends, and family. These are especially crucial for women who are sadly the primary targets for assaults, theft, and kidnappings. That is why no one should spare any expense when it comes toself-defense tools for women.

While it may appear like a harmless piece of jewelry at first, it’s equipped with a tiny s35VN steel blade that smoothly flips out when needed. Check out our wide array of self-defense gear right now, and then take advantage of some of our great deals on everything from stun gun flashlights to folding knives. There are many options out there, but the best of the bunch are packable, discreet, effective, and won’t put anybody six feet under. Now, it’s one thing to have one of these on your person and quite another to use it safely and properly.

If you have a friend, family member, or even yourself that needs the proper tools, order them today and have that peace of mind. If you need defense gear to fit in your pocket, there is pepper spray, handheld stun guns and pocket sized batons. There are also Kombativ.com custom made Diamond Grip Batons, which can be easily carried on the included belt holster. If you wish to wield a larger weapon, there are expandable batons, police combat batons and super powerful stun batons. When you need to protect yourself, Self Defense Weapons will always keep you safe.

At The Home Security Superstore, we offer self-defense tools that are affordable and effective. Oftentimes, people will look to save money by ordering cheap self-defense products. However, those inexpensive choices can be defective or not completely disable the assailant.