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Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes MJ Javid is Launching a Podcast with Her Husband

As fans will remember, MJ’s husband,Tommy Feight, never got to a place where he could allow Reza to meet their son, Shams, who is now 3 years divorce lawyers in lexington tn old. “Many reasonable people questioned why I married Tommy. But none of them questioned the decision more than I did,” she wrote.

It’s unclear if MJ is pregnant or actually divorce based on the unclear dialogue in the video, but MJ’s comments on her own post sure did say a lot. Those who have watched Shahs of Sunset since the first season premiered in 2012 likely could never have anticipated that Mercedes “M.J.” Javid and Reza Farahan’s friendship would one day be on the rocks. In Season 8, the former best friends of 30+ years were hurling insult after insult at one another. Their drama began because Reza believed that M.J. Spread a rumor his husband, Adam Neely, being unfaithful. While Shams was the first child born to the Shahs of Sunset, he is now joined by Golnesa’s son Elijah, who is a year his junior.

In her book, Carey wrote about several incidents where she noticed Mottola’s racism toward her and other people. Carey also revealed that their home had motion-sensitive cameras inside and out and described an incident where she hid in her shoe closet to have a private conversation. In her memoir, Carey wrote that while she had “a lot of respect” for Mottola since he “protected” her from her “dysfunctional family,” she wasn’t 100% invested in marrying him.

The dynamics are constantly shifting from best friends to mortal enemies and everything else in between. Wasn’t exactly apologizing for Tommy’s actions in Season 8. She explained that Tommy was defending her and their baby, and that he was remorseful as to how he handled his anger. MJ says seeing Paulina stand by Mike through this latest rough patch makes her believe that the couple is in it for the long run, even if she and Tommy keep referring to Paulina as Jessica.

The couple was married on Dec. 2, 2000 in New York. Mottola entered in the music scene in the mid-1960s as a recording artist for CBS Records, under the name “T.D. Valentine”. After his attempt to become a recording star himself failed, Mottola started working for publishing powerhouse Chappell Publishing and started his own management company, Champion Entertainment Organization. His role at Chappell put him in touch with many artists, and soon he signed his first successful management clients, Daryl Hall & John Oates. Mottola helped Hall and Oates land a record deal and several high-profile endorsements.

The latest reality TV news, ratings, exclusives, interviews, and more from TVDeets.com. While their relationship was brief, the singer thanked Jeter in her book for being the reason she was able to escape her marriage to Mottola, according to an interview on the Apple TV+ series, “The Oprah Conversation.” In a 2005 interview with American Magazine, Carey shared what the public never saw of her personal life. MJ Javid was born on 12 August 1972, in Tehran, Iran. MJ Javid is an American reality TV star and a real estate agent. She is best known for starring in the hit Bravo reality show Shahs of Sunset.

Mercedes, on the other hand, felt that Reza Farahan stopped being a caring friend. She alleged that he wasn’t there when she was in the ICU when she was giving birth to her son. Things got worse when they met at co-star Sara Jeihooni’s pool party. Javid called Reza a cheater, while Reza accused M.J. Tommy and his lovely wife, Mercedes, are proud parents of a son called Shams Francis Feight.

“So you’re saying that if I’m married to a guy that likes sports…” she began before the video cut off. As for Tommy’s point of contention that Reza “would never” meet his and MJ’s 3-year-old son, Shams?

Persian traditions were incorporated into the ceremony to honor MJ’s heritage.Shahs of Sunsetfans came along for the journey and were able to see the wedding on TV in season 7. Families of both the bride and groom were invited, as well as the entire cast of the show. MJ has been a cast member onShahs of Sunsetfrom the beginning.

MJ notes that motherhood has also changed her relationship with Tommy, for the better. Even though Javid may not bear another child anymore, the couple is happy and raising Sham. MJ and Tommy married at the Jeremy in West Hollywood on April 21, 2018. In a flower-filled outdoor ceremony, the pair exchanged vows with one another.