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These heat exchanger tubes are quite popular because they offer excellent corrosion protection of the base tube. Extruded finned tubes have found application in heat pipes, dry air coolers, energy recovery in the air exhaust system, etc. One fluid runs through the tubes, and another fluid flows over the tubes to transfer heat between the two fluids.

The combinations of forced/induced draft and the orientation of the fans and tube sections all have their individual advantages and ideal uses. Please contact your Alfa Laval representative for a discussion about the optimum solution for your specific conditions and application. The fan and belt is not exposed to the hot exhaust air, which increases component lifetimes.

The building squares of tube-balance heat exchangers are tubes, blade, and casings. We have an assortment of balance examples to look over, and can modify the tube … Standard 5/8″ OD tube coil for heating and cooling Type C coils are the standard spiral fin water coils, used for both heating and cooling applications. A typical latent and sensible cooling load requires from 4 to 12 … Approximately 5 times lighter in weight than that of shell and tube heat exchanger. Fin heat exchangers are generally applied in industries where the fluids have little chances of fouling.

Copper finned tubes are more than 25 times the conductivity of stainless steel finned tubes. Finned tube heat exchangers are helpful in the condition where the heat transfer coefficient inside the fluid is higher than the fluid outside the tube. Heft wholesome furry Engineers are specialized in to design and manufacturing of AIR COOLED HEAT EXCHANGER, using in-house manufactured finned tubes. These heat exchangers offer following advantages over other conventionl & crimped type finned tube Heat Exchangers.

Vertical Shell can be used for liquid-liquid applications if one liquid has a considerably greater flow rate than the other. Vertical Shell design is that of a condenser, and is usually mounted vertically. Vertical Shell is in spiral flow and the other in a cross flow.Vertical Shell is designed to cater for the sub-cooling of both condensate and non-condensables.

We are a Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers of Extruded Finned tubes and our tube quality was approved by domestic and international clients. Consisting of an aluminium outer core and an parent tube of almost any material. 4 the fins have been precision punched to leave an ‘L’ shaped lip that ensures exact fin pitch spacing between fins. The computerized punch process can adjust the tube pitch minutely to 0.01mm tolerance to conform with the exacting computer calculations.

Bulleted fins are similar to Elfin tubes and have become popular as a convenient and cost-effective method to attach strip fins to tubes. They are manufactured by manually placing fins over the tubes and pushing and pulling a bullet through the tube to expand the tube wall out into the fins. To optimize the heat transfer capabilities of your heat exchanger, take some time to learn what we have available.Take a close look at ourproduct pages,our sales brochure, and the engineering dimensions outlined in detail. Material corrosiveness or acidity is also a determining factor in material selection, depending on the nature of the gas or fluid that will flow through the heat exchanger. Heat transfer can be improved by increasing the number of tubes or by increasing the length of the finned tubes. Using Spiro-Gills to manufacture your finned tubes will guarantee that you receive a high-quality product, delivered on time at a highly-competitive price.

These tubes consist of an elongated wire loop that increases the surface. The loops are spirally wound onto the top of the tube wall and fixed using a binding wire at the loop’s base. Increase reliability and profitability with Alfa Laval air-cooled heat exchangers. Check out our brochure to find out how we can help you improve the sustainability of your plant. By definition, aheat exchanger is a device used to transfer thermal energybetween two or more fluids— it allows heat from a liquid or gas fluid to pass to a second liquid or gas without the two fluids mixing together or coming into direct contact. Energy Transfer manufactures a diverse range of fin tube pipes to serve a variety of heat exchanger needs.All options are on the table.