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Shixi Network Technology November 2022 Reviews, Is Shixi Network Technology Legit or Scam?

We have been designing and developing wireless LAN products for a long time and understand the needs of people who use wireless networking in various environments. When the Partnership distributes the said residual property, it shall comply with the aforesaid requirements of the National Guidance Fund. 4.4.1 When a limited partner proposes to transfer all or any part of the property held thereby in the Partnership, it shall send a written application for transfer to General Partner at least thirty days in advance. After a limited partner submits an application for transfer as per the above-mentioned requirements, Partners’ Meeting will follow the provisions of this Agreement in voting to determine whether or not to agree to such a transfer. The objective of the Partnership is to engage in venture capital investment, venture capital investment management and other activities related to venture capital investment within the scope of business with a view to facilitating the development of emerging industry and maximizing the benefits of all partners.

This is a scam and they are criminals. They advertise on social media and make their products look legitimate. Unbelievable what type of criminal activity people will conduct, especially during these hard times and during the holidays. They should pay the consequences for their criminal activity. We are so sorry that You ordered the wrong version. If you want to return the package and replace it with another model.

The debts of the Partnership only include payable items such as taxes payable, dividends payable and other payables, and the Partnership does not involve any form of external short-term and long-term borrowing. 5.3.5 At the occurrence of a material event affecting the net worth of the Partnership, the General Partner shall submit a written report to all partners within three days. Other matters that are required to be agreed by the Partners’ Meeting as expressly provided under relevant laws, administrative regulations, rules and this Agreement. All the share held by General Partner in property of the Partnership is mandatorily enforced by a people’s court. General Partner shall not transfer all or any part of the property held thereby in the Partnership to any third party.

The item I have bought supposed to be a Bluetooth stabilizer automated selfie but I have received a dollar store quality like a toy tripod with a very bad quality which is sold everywhere for $1. I want my money back and look like everything is SOLD though these websites are fake. This is completely different than what was on the ad and I can’t even see that item anywhere on their site. Item was on the ad was like the third picture, not a basic tripod. I ordered 4 selfie tri-pods in November and have not heard a word from this company.

In no way shape or form does this resemble the product that was on the ad on Facebook. I have started the PayPal process, I’m in stage two of the process. I have also attached photos of what I thought I was receiving and what actually came in the mail.

7.5 For non-cash distributions, except for assets with open market prices, the value of non-cash assets shall be assessed by an independent third-party professional body, and the results of the assessment shall be provided in writing to all partners. 7.1 The Partnership shall make accounting of and distribute the cloud network technology singapore pte ltd profits of the Partnership each fiscal year. The distributable income of the Partnership shall be distributed to the partners as soon as possible and no later than sixty working days after the end of the fiscal year in which such receivables occurs. 6.1.4 The Partnership is not allowed to borrow foreign funds.

They using PayPal because they knew it is impossible to get representative on phone -days passing by and case will be closed. I am surprised PayPal doesn’t do anything after so many complains about that company. I ordered 24V electric wood pruning saw, and they sent me a cheap hand saw.

I ordered and paid with PayPal and still have not received it. I did receive the yarn that they said would come with it. All I know is that I paid a lot for one skein if yarn. They were a gift and money I could not afford to lose. So while Shixi is a technical expert for other companies, his knowledge of the wireless network domain is pretty extensive.