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sigma male Meaning & Origin

These are my personal ways of becoming a sigma male. You can pick these and add your own mix to them to create your own personality. The words mysterious, elusive and hard to reach, are often used to describe a Sigma male. It’s not that they are particularly secretive, it’s just that they don’t engage in banalities. Alpha males lead others using their dominating nature and physical prowess, while sigma males lead without exerting authority. Examples of a sigma male apparently include John Wick, because who doesn’t want to compare themselves to a cool, composed assassin?

A sigma male is a man with a strong but distinctive personality type with traits of both alpha and beta males. This term is considered to be coined by the writer Theodore Robert Beale in 2010. He described a sigma male as a ‘lone wolf’ and equated sigma males to introverted alpha males. Sigma males generally fall outside the binary classification of alpha and beta. In other words, they exist outside the socio-sexual hierarchy. Although sigma males are introverts and reject mainstream society, they are successful in life and are popular with women.

Is introverted and shuns mainstream society, yet still manages to be a successful man who is popular with women. Sigma females is a type of organism that is never found in reality. A.k.a. Tri Sigma (ΣΣΣ) – these girls are the hottest sorority girls on campus. They beat out all the other sororities and everyone wants to be them. The girls of Sigma Sigma Sigma are gorgeous, smart, and is the girl that every guy wants to be with. They’ve got class, they’ve got sass, and they’ll surely kick any other girl’s ass.

You think you’re not good enough or you don’t feel powerful enough so you need a societal structure to feel safe. Sigma males or females value themselves and respect others. Instead of relying on power dynamics to feel confident, they claim their individuality with their naturally powerful presence. The combination of capitalism, and the subsequent unrealistic beauty standards imposed on men, makes the so-called sigma community a hotbed for reactionary conservatism. The popularity of the archetype reflects our current neoliberal climate, where everyone is a commodity and products are catered to appeal to people’s biggest anxieties and aspirations.

This not only highlights the drawbacks of hustle culture but makes the sigma’s Thatcherite work ethic feel particularly tone deaf in the current climate. By doubling down on the absurdity of these statements, memes operate as a meta-commentary on the socio-economic pressures of modern-day living – and, by extension, the toxic expectations put on men today. For a long time now, popular psychology has described men as either Alpha or Beta, deriving the terms from studies of animals and their social hierarchies.

They see all media as helpful tools to connect, but also understand they can drain time. But the correction came too late – the concept of an alpha male stuck around, firmly embedded in pop culture, an ideology that can justify oppressive hierarchies and reduce people to empty stereotypes. The alpha male is practically a star sign, imbued with hint of incel ideology, used to confirm poisonous perspectives and exaggerate pre-existing insecurities.

When we trap ourselves into pre-defined boxes, we limit ourselves and our thinking. Their self-sufficiency, aloofness and ability to forge their own opinions and path in life mean that many women like them. A Sigma male makes a reliable partner who is adventurous and not afraid of the world’s disdain.

Sigma females are all about result, outcome, and success and they can care less how they are perceived by the superficial standards of status in a society run by beta females and alpha females . One could argue that sigma females are the true alpha females while so-called “alpha” females are in fact NPCs with a sense of fake self-importance. nina lozano You can spot sigma females by their appearance (wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt in every situation including weddings, their lingo (e.g. bruh market is super bullish right now, hold on a tad bit). Sigma male is used to denote a male who is equally dominant to an alpha male, but exists outside the alpha-beta male hierarchy as a “lone wolf”.

For this reason, fraternity members and/or athletes often select Tri Sigmas as their dates of choice for social events. With over 100,000 members worldwide, Tri Sigmas are well-known for their class and charisma. They uphold the values of power, wisdom, faith, hope, and love in all they do. Tri Sigma, or Sigma Sigma Sigma, is a sorority of women who are regarded across the nation as role models for their communities.

Sigma males are happy with uncertainty; they don’t need the world to be black and white. They recognise that this applies to many spheres, including what is real and what is right. They still have preferences like anyone else, but don’t hold onto them too tightly. Because of their elusiveness, quietness and independence, many people find them quite charismatic. Sigmas are silently confident, and that has power.