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Sleeping In The Car: How To Stay Legal and Safe

Sleeping in a hotel parking lot without asking is very likely going to result in a trespassing ticket. Two places I would recommend for over-night sleeping would be the auto parking lot at truck stops and hospital parking lots. Both locations tends to monitored and both have tolerance for someone grabbing a few hours of sleep. If van life gets popular enough hotels will be the first to actively police their parking lots looking for campers. A hotel parking lot is a great place to stop and rest for the night, and one I have personally used! Hotels are used to guests coming and going and all kinds of cars being in the parking lot.

Truck Stops that only cater to truckers are just about extinct in the USA — such places just don’t exist any more. While I haven’t slept overnight in a truckstop yet, I’ve taken more notice of the ones I’ve passed on the highway. Feel free to touch base with me if you have questions about the ins and outs, or anything specific to sleeping in the car in snow zones. Remember that snow plows are big and heavy, and you are not – plan appropriately.

We’re at the point where this is all soothing white noise, like waves crashing on the beach, but some might find it annoying. And – if you’re desperate for a shower and/or really need to do some laundry, Flying J truck stops offer showers and a laundromat. Just be prepared to pay $10+ for a shower (we’ve never showered at a Flying J, but then again, we don’t shower all that often).

They tend to be smaller hotels than the chain ones, so it’d probably be easier to notice my van. I also avoid high-end, expensive hotels because they most likely have stricter protocols in place and will check license plates throughout the night. As always, any time you’re camping make sure to practice Leave No Trace principles, and think long and hard before publicly sharing that spot. In the name of openness and transparency, they also freely provide their code on their website. Another helpful feature is the ability to overlay different maps on the main search screen.

Apps like SpotHero match parking space owners with people looking to rent a place to park. Alternatively, you might know someone who has some land or acreage that they might allow you to park or set up camp for a small fee. To learn more about the locations of BLM land near you, visit the BLM website. You will y travel blog holiday inspiration turquoise holidays probably want to set your alarm clock so you can leave before the dealership opens and you can avoid being seen by any of the dealership employees in the morning. The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people living in vehicles instead of “sticks and bricks” homes and apartments.