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Smite Tier List 2022 for Season 8 8: Best Solo, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support Gods

Guna Yu is straight-up one of the more obnoxious Gods, no wonder he ranks high in our Smite Tier List. Unlike the brutally-unfair Junglers, Carries have a more straightforward and efficient approach to battle. Their builds often revolve around enhanced damage, penetration, and attack speed to end skirmishes as soon as possible.

Sadly, this timing-based approach makes Carries squishy in the early stages of the game and relies heavily on Support for their preliminary growth. However, take note that a God’s Class doesn’t necessarily dictate the role they have on the battlefield. In fact, some Gods have diverse-enough kits that players can have them diverge in other roles provided they have the right builds. If you’re looking for a jungle champion to play when playing the role normally, you can find our list of the best junglers for the current patch here. These treats grant 50 additional gold upon clearing a jungle camp, and you get an additional treat every minute with no cap. It’s essentially an exploit that allows players to get free gold.

Thor because he is never out of meta, and quite frankly, he is the best assassin in the game. Hel – is one of the supports whose mixture of strong heals and damage are allowing her to climb in priority. The flexibility she brings along with resistance shredding and crowd control remover makes her such a great situational pick.

Tyr – If King Arthur sounded annoying, then Tyr can be a more snowball version of him. Buying Bluestone at the start makes him a huge snowball God that can run away with lanes and then games. If this build works, then you’ll be laughing with quick purchases of Breastplate of Valor and Shifter’s Shield. Both items grant him better cooldown speeds, more tankiness and physical power. The stance forms are tricky, but using those abilities correctly gives Tyr the survivability or damage from Power Cleave and Fearless. As for Lawbringer, this is all the dive you need, jumping in the air and diving on the desired nearby target.

Their abilities aren’t just designed to help them eliminate Elite monsters quickly. Rather, these Gods are set up to eliminate fellow Gods as efficiently and as brutally as possible. Their high mobility allows Junglers to build up damage via attack speed, making them perfect for ganks. As a jungler you’re main job is to mainly rotate with your mid, and solo. Also if you play thanatos in the jungle you do not need bumbas mask, get death toll and tier 1 boots.

Moreover, hitting an enemy God with an ability will grant Solo Laners 2% of their spent Mana, which incentivizes constantly fighting Gods in Solo Lane. Due to the nature of the Solo Lane, Solo Laners are expected to face their opposing counterparts quite often. However, players should build their Solos to constantly force stalemates or apply pressure on their enemy. That way, they can properly defend the Lane and slowly advance to the objective without relying too much on team support. Mid Laners have a challenge of striking the balance between their massive damage and their frailty, meaning players need a workaround to maximize the Mid Laner’s presence in the game.

Instead of being by your side, they opted to ditch you and walk through the jungle. They are “Jungling.” The jungle offers a lot of benefits that can’t be obtained while in a lane. Benefits come at a risk however, so it is important to know when you can jungle, how to do so effectively and what gods can pull it off. This page is all about teaching you how to jungle, so read on to find out just how powerful the wild jungles can make you. Victory Five is currently in a nasty downward spiral, with zero games won and 13 defeats.

If you are playing on the other side, merely flip any map we use upside to accommodate yourself while you play. There are four buffs – Speed Buff, Red Buff, Blue Buff, and Purple Buff.

So for some, starting on the orange buff may be a good option. So ideally, I’d like to say that you should gank only when you think you can secure a kill. Quite simply, if you think you will heavy metal cowboy hat lose that confrontation, don’t do it. I don’t care if you will stall a tower’s demise for a few seconds, don’t walk into almost-guaranteed death and become a liability to your team.

The Assassin was extremely strong, with items like Bumba’s and Hydra’s. This allows Set to spam his 2 ability, proccing true damage autos every ability weave. He can also benefit from a solid fourth situational item if he needs Crushers or some anti-heal. The only real threat with this build is anti-healing, but Set’s damage output means any squishy who builds anyu becomes the focus of Sett’s assassination attempts. However, just be careful of Cu or Sobek, as they aren’t as easily one shotable.