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Softball Skills Video How to Make a Highlight Video

This is where I see a lot of young catchers have trouble. It takes them too long to get the ball from their glove to their hand so they can throw it. But it can plague even older catchers with weak technique.

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And what happens when you just drop on your knees is you have the tendency to stand tall. And when you stand tall, then you create gaps or holes. And then your glove doesn’t go all the way down to the ground. So the key to this one is you want to shoot out at the ball. You want to be aggressive and you want to attack it.

A great fast-pitch catcher will know how to catch a ball with a form that makes even an average pitch look like a perfect strike! But catching balls with style isn’t the only responsibility four-seam fastball grip that the catcher has. For a catcher to excel behind the plate he must view each pitch as the umpire sees it. I teach my students to have a 2nd view on the game in their minds eye.

If you’re a second baseman only, it’s OK to field plays from there, but most general infielders will throw from shortstop. Once players get the hang of it, use your voice to encourage and correct in real-time without stopping the drill. Using shorter throwing distances will encourage the all-important quickness needed when players transfer the ball from glove to throw. I prefer less than the distance between bases of the player’s age level! Crisp, accurate throws to help build confidence and arm strength.