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Special Broadcasting Service Corporation SBS Report for 2017-18

One method is known aspredatory pricing, in which a firm uses the threat of price cuts to discourage competition. Predatory pricing is a violation of antitrust law, but it is difficult to prove. Roughly speaking, the patent law covers inventions and copyright protects books, songs, and art. But in certain areas, like the invention of new software, it has been unclear whether patent or copyright protection should apply.

Due to the increase in price, many consumers will switch away from oil to alternative options. This decrease in quantity demand of 1.5 million gallons of oil causes a deadweight loss of $1 million. As calculated, the government receives a total of $6 million in tax revenue, which is taken from consumers and producers. Like with price and quantity controls, one must compare the market surplus before and after a price change to fully understand the effects of a tax policy on surplus.

III. Both carbon taxes and cap and trade programs will result in least-cost abatement. Without the tax, the firms both maximize their pollution. Once the $15 tax is set, the firms each compare the costs of abatement with the cost of paying the tax. In Figure 5.3d, we can see that it costs Firm 1 more to pay the tax than it does for them to reduce pollution from 800 units to 500 units. We can easily find the permit price by finding the point where the marginal costs of abatement are the same, and the total amount of emissions is equal to the number of permits. By identifying this point, we will also be able to tell who is the buyer and seller of permits in each situation.

In its seventh year, the Premier’s Harmony Dinner continues to celebrate the NSW Government’s commitment to a cohesive and inclusive society. Community engagement remains at the core of all language programs ‐ from SBS Radio broadcasters attending events, conducting outside broadcasts at festivals and hosting language specific community forums. All community engagement aims to deliver memorable experiences and to provide content for the relevant language programs. Tasmania The Conversations with SBS ‐ Exploring Diversity in Tasmania Forum was hosted by SBS World News presenter, Janice Petersen on 21 June. Attended by SBS Board Member Daryl Karp and members of the SBS Executive, the forum engaged more than 110 representatives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, CALD, academia, education and local government groups. Discussion included diverse storytelling and representation in the media, as well as opportunities for Tasmanian producers to pitch state-relevant ideas.

You will notice that expenditure is mentioned whenever revenue is. This is because a dollar earned by the coffee shop corresponds to a dollar spent by the consumer. Therefore, if the firm’s revenue is rising, then the consumer’s expenditure is rising as well. reviews for fashionmia You must understand how to answer questions from both sides. To find answers to these questions, we need to understand the concept of elasticity.Elasticityis an economics concept that measures the responsiveness of one variable to changes in another variable.

Providing a platform to champion new and diverse talent, Sunshine featured a South Sudanese Australian cast for the first time on Australian television and contributed to changing perceptions during a time of high negative publicity for the community. Today, one in two Australians has a migrant background, nearly 20 per cent speak a language other than English at home and 28 per cent were born overseas. Australia’s increasingly multicultural and rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diversity is one of our nation’s greatest strengths.

Financial assets at fair value through profit or loss are stated at fair value, with any resultant gain or loss recognised in profit or loss. The net gain or loss recognised in profit or loss incorporates any interest earned on the financial asset. The classification depends on the nature and purpose of the financial assets and is determined at the time of initial recognition. Financial assets are recognised and derecognised upon trade date.

Besides, if you think about it logically, this answer doesn’t really make sense. Even if you don’t know anything about the sharing economy, the passage indicates that it involves a variety of companies in different fields . The idea that the sharing economy could depend only on former eBay users is completely at odds with that fact. Put your finger on each word of the question as you read it.

SBS counts on their diverse knowledge of policy and research as well their connections to community to assist with discussions across the channel. The CAC is a critically important engagement mechanism, regularly connecting the SBS Board and management with community influencers and representatives who in turn provide insights, feedback and opinions across the full suite of SBS services and platforms. Key cultural events and interstate campaigns are shared by the CAC, providing deeper engagement opportunities for SBS and staff.

We’re not sure yet whether we’ll offer YCF again , but if we do in the future it could be a good fit. Sam, Matt Krisiloff and I are happy to answer any questions about the Fellowship. There would be no additional burden on YC to say ‘we want to encourage more people from underprivileged backgrounds to start a company’. In order to apply for the money I had to go through what was quite a lengthy process, which overall took three months to complete.