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Stanley to cease production of Young America nursery furniture

Products Stanley Furniture is made of solid wood and veneer made of natural wood of hard sorts (ash, cherry, mahogany, beech, oak, walnut, cedar, etc.), luxury textiles, metals, leather, plastic, glass, marble. The raw material passes the necessary checks on compliance with the standards of safety and quality, so you can be sure of its ecological purity and durability. Furnish Near Me brings all of the furniture stores together into one shopping experience for you.

FCG will not be held responsible for any claims about condition or quality. And to answer your specific question, my 12 year old has already out grown the desk!! We can take them out all the way, but have a hard time putting them back in..

We have a YA Cottage Cove crib and changing table purchased 2 years ago. We moved 6 months ago so the crib was taken apart and put back together with no issues. Well we ordered the Ma Marie desk, hutch, chair and night stand. Well the desk and nightstand look great, but the hutch came in w/ a crack and they are sending it back and will get a new one.

The second challenge was to figure out the best way to present the parts to the laser. The enclosure met the requirements for Class 1 and allowed the operator to load a quantity of drawers that would convey under the laser. The switches would stop it in place until it was marked and then turn the conveyor back on. Stanley Furniture announced the company was closing Robbinsville’s last manufacturing plant, laying off 400 workers in a county where only 3,800 people have a job. The Mead Corporation purchased Stanley Furniture in 1969 and maintained ownership of the company for 10 years.

Soon after the project was underway, Stanley Furniture needed a rush order with the new mark on it. Their team sent 600 drawers that needed to be marked and returned very quickly. In fact, the first 200 had to be completed and returned within two days. MECCO’s gun range concord contract marking department stayed until almost midnight to meet the deadline and the team at Stanley was very pleased with the marked parts and the process. As a result, Stanley Furniture reached out to MECCO, located in Cranberry Twp, Pa., for help.

Compared to other high-end nursery furniture brands competing in the $1000 crib market, Young America failed to establish a compelling market niche. While competitors like Romina touted its solid wood furniture and Munire/Echelon relied on its stylized, architectural designs, Young America was more plain vanilla. The brand emphasized its furniture’s “built to grow” flexibility—numerous accent pieces that could transform a nursery into a child and then teenager’s room. Yet the numerous color finishes couldn’t make up for the fact that the company’s basic styling was rather plain. In essence, Young America was trying to sell Toyota Camrys at BMW prices—it just didn’t work.