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Starbucks Korea Valentine’s Day Mugs & Tumblers

The button on the lid that is supposed to be pressed to not allow any liquid come out does not work and cannot be closed. Item is used and has minor scuffs scratches and some tea residue / smell. The product contains a silicon-based infuser, and the infuser heart is a color-changing product that changes color at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. -When cleaning, disassemble each part of the infuser and clean it with a soft sponge. The holidays have arrived at Starbucks, with a sprinkle of snow, a shimmer of gold and a splash of holiday cheer. Take a virtual tour of Starbucks gifts around the world, available in select stores for a limited time, while supplies last.

As expected, this collection features all of the classic motifs, including hearts, pink color palettes and adorable graphics. Some of the standouts from the line include a tea glass with a heart-shaped infuser. Meanwhile, the pink cupid-themed mug is perfect for gifting to a close friend or family member. It’s January, which means in the Starbucks Cups World that it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Highlight items include a tea glass with a heart-shaped infuser that changes color in reaction to temperature change.

And it’s not just the designs that are adorable, it’s the goods themselves, with super rare items like leather key pouches making us wish we were in South Korea right now. As reported by Totally the Bomb, some of the new Starbucks cups can also be found in Target. You can expect to pay anywhere upwards of $18, though prices vary item to item. Here’s a fun little doohickey that should make afternoon tea a little more enjoyable.

If you’re a coffee fanatic, you’ll know that a new season or holiday welcomes a new collection of Starbucks cups. For Valentine’s Day 2022, the beverage company are releasing cups and tumblers that are sweet enough to make you love-sick. We cover lost package, damaged items, and defective items.

Sharky was created by Pablo Matteoda of Argentina. The infuser floats around your tea cup dispersing tea how to make thc tea with grinder leaves from beneath its metal fin. Now you can create a scene from the movie Jaws in your very own home.

For controversial damages and defects such as scratches and rubber tightness, you must return the product to the designated international address. Return shipping fee will be compensated with reward points only if your claim is accepted. This product contains a silicone infuser, and the infuser heart part is a color changing product that changes color at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. When cleaning, disassemble each part of the infuser and clean it with a soft scrubber.

Anything from korea, japan, or china gets scalped to hell, there’s cups ive wanted since 2016 that only go up in price as time passes. My friend had to physically go to japan to get me a cup from there bc online it was $200… Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Teavana offers a variety of dessert-inspired teas, decorative tins and mugs that make perfect gifts for loved ones. Peep the gallery above for some of the key items arriving as part of the Valentine’s Day collection.