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STD Awareness: Is There an STD That Causes Maggots?

When dipterous larvae enter the human tissue, they follow three stages of growth and feeding, after which they transform into pupa and then to mature flies . Magnifica are the most prevalent flies causing obligatory human wounds worldwide . Myiasis refers to the infestation of living vertebrae with fly larvae, principally occurring in individuals with a low socioeconomic status and poor personal hygiene. Herein, we report a case of urogenital myiasis in a 49-year-old rural woman complaining of maggots in the urine and severe genital itching. Sometimes it makes an entry into the internal organs of the body such as intestine, bone etc. The blowfly is a very important species in forensic entomology where the stages of insect development can be analysed to determine the time elapsed between a person’s death and the discovery of the body (Catts & Goff, 1992).

By Friday morning, a different version of the story surfaced. It turns out, the woman had just given birth and the maggots were caused by a medical mishap. Myiasis is a condition resulting from the invasion of tissues or organs of man or animals by the larvae of several species of flies. A 49-year-old rural woman presented three days ago to our Charity Clinic, complaining of maggots in the urine and severe genital itching.

Female flies possibly are attracted by the fetid odor, and lay eggs in existing lesions.Thereafter, the larvae invade the tissue and feed themselves on living tissues. Larvae usually pupate within 1-2 days and emerge as adult males 6 days later. The accompanying articles described a female patient with a sexually colby college average gpa transmitted disease said to be called “sex superbug,” an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which caused maggots to grow in her vagina. Someone would have to track down the video’s source, however, to confirm that the subject actually suffered from gonorrhea in addition to the infestation of maggots.

She was suffering from insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus and was poorly compliant to her medications. She was living with her relatives because her mother had died. She had regular menstrual cycle prior to the onset of this genital discharge. She did not use sanitary napkins during the menstrual periods; instead, she used dirty ragged clothes during menstrual cycles. On examination, there was edema and inflammation of the labia minora. Examination under local anesthesia revealed an ulcer on the inner surface of the left labium minus involving the hymen ring as well.

AbstractMyiasis is a parasitic infestation caused by the larvae of several species. The infestations reduce host physiological functions; destroy host tissues, and causes significant economical losses. It is very rare disease in USA and Europe, seen rarely in tropical and subtropical countries in persons with poor personal hygiene. The location of this infestation at genital region is, however, an extremely rare occurrence. The authors present here one case of genital myiasis affecting a village woman with genital prolapse and advanced vaginal malignancy.

The treatment of the lesion is very simple, extract the larvae and wash the affected area with an antiseptic solution.Surgical removal sometimes results in damage to the larva with retention of larval fragments in the wound. Multiple surgical techniques have been described in past, but no single standardized technique for surgical extraction of larvae has been adopted. Myiasis can be confused to many common conditions such as adenopathy, cellulites, skin abscess, insect bites and subcutaneous cysts.

Are Open-Access, distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Nautiyal, “Urogenital myiasis–an atypical presentation,” Autopsy and Case Reports, vol. Anna first volunteered for Planned Parenthood as a high school student in the 1990s. Since then, she has received a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in epidemiology from the University of Arizona.

Though vagina is freely dilatable and is less often injured, lacerations are more likely to occur near vulval border during stressful parturition, which attract the flies to feed on it and lay eggs which in turn lead to maggot wounds . Even the scavenger birds like crows may also cause vulval injury and if unnoticed and neglected the wound may become maggoted with the feeding and subsequent laying of eggs by the musca species. Lorexane ointment applied to repel flies is obligatory to overcome such hazards. Strict asepsis contribute major share in success of any wound healing. Sometimes, manual pressure is enough for cutaneous myiasis, which is usually performed before visiting the doctor.

Vulvar myiasis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of genital lesions because the diagnosis can be easily established based on microscopic features of the maggots, especially those relating to stigma structures. A case of semi-specific myiasis which consisted in infestation of the vulvar region of an eighty-six-year old, diabetic patient who was admitted in a clinical center for elderly is reported. Two cases of genital myiasis are presented; one in an unmarried teenager and another in a postmenopausal lady with fungating ulcerative growth of vulval carcinoma, both were successfully managed. Treatment usually involves a single dose of syrup/pill for the infected person and each family member at the same time. You can buy worm treatment from pharmacies, without a prescription. It is not necessary to treat children on a regular basis, just in case they have worms.