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Summary of our Range Rules

Limit your session length and give Baby some breaks away from all the action. You can even try out shooting a small cartridge, like .22LR, to help keep the noise down. If Junior is doing this in your belly, maybe it’s time to call it a day at the range. If you’ve been pregnant for a while now, you probably know that there are things your baby likes and that your baby hates.

The health of the population of firing-range workers is probably similar to that of the general working population. Special consideration was given to women who might be pregnant or nursing or might become pregnant, because of the well-known effects of lead on obstetric outcomes. Hearing protection must be worn while shooting is in progress on all ranges. Eye protection must be worn when shooting handguns with the exception of air pistols.

I would recommend that if you want to shoot, go to an outdoor range and wash up after shooting and before eating. I’ve gone shooting early in pregnancy, when I could still lie in prone position. I figured amniotic fluid is a pretty good sound absorber. The only rules are no drugs/alcohol, and no food targets.

Lead free ammo is available, but I would still be concerned about the noise. I agree with JSW when it comes to doubt. No information on the number and types of ranges in the Navy or Marine Corps was provided.

Golob acknowledges knowing women who shot throughout their pregnancies and delivered happy, healthy babies. Current scientific knowledge does not bring any evidence truekatana reviews thatshooting is safe during pregnancy. However, at thispoint, author Fabrice Czarnecki recommends that pregnant womendon’t shoot, and avoid firing ranges.

The NIOSH and ACGIH guidelines are designed similarly to maintain BLLs below a threshold. NIOSH’s recommended exposure limit of 50 μg/m3 was established in 1978 and was aimed at maintaining the BLL below 60 μg/dL. ACGIH established a biological exposure index (BEI®) in 1995 of 30 μg/dL, and its threshold limit value (TLV®) of 50 μg/m3 was intended to maintain workers’ BLLs below the BEI. If a malfunction occurs and you cannot fix it, place the firearm on the bench and request assistance from the RSO. If a “cease fire” is called, stop shooting immediately and wait for instruction from the RSO. Pregnant or nursing guests are not allowed on the range.

Features common to the guidelines include an airborne exposure limit that is used to monitor lead in the workplace and a recommended blood lead level to prevent adverse health effects. Air Force security forces combat-arms personnel operate 193 small-arms ranges (personal communication, J. Seibert, May 21, 2012). The Air Force has about 1,220 authorized range personnel.

Once the fetus starts reacting to loud noises outside of the womb, I recommend limiting your range time. Some ranges won’t even let you shoot if you are showing. Again, you need to limit your lead exposure. Lead can pass through the placenta so switch your ammunition if you can. I stopped shooting at the range after the 23-week mark.

(I think they’re just covering their asses, really.) Once there’s hearing, your belly won’t soften the noise sufficiently, sufficient recoil could knock you around to much, etc. Early on you’re probably OK but you’ll have to check the range’s rules. The first trimester is ridiculously important for development. When it comes to firearms, you don’t need to worry about the noise just yet. The main issue with shooting during the first trimester is lead exposure. This is something you need to watch during your whole pregnancy.

Ammunition will be inspected prior to entering the range. Armor piercing, steel core, tracer, incendiary gas or explosive ammunition is prohibited. Due to safety reasons low cut apparel must NOT be worn. If you have not met the legal requirements before the start time of the Try Shooting session, you will not be permitted to participat. Pursuant to the Firearms Regulation 2006, you MUST bring the original proof of ID document, and it must be an acceptable form of photo ID (e.g. passport) to support your P650 declaration.