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Summit Hats

Write down the measurement and use the chart below to help you decide the size you might need. One of our newest additions, the Women’s Summit Fedora hat in Saddle/Saddle evokes a timeless, classic style. Made from luxurious full grain American cowhide leathers and lite felt, this hat will take you from the after-hours jazz club to brunch on the bay in style. Each crushable hat features a 2 3/4″ leather brim and a subtle buckle on the band. Details and quality matter and this hat shows you know how to make your look fashion forward with the Summit Hat. The spring, summer, and fall seasons are the best times for hats.

Cowboy hats made of felt, be it wool or fur felt, are widely recognized as the most resistant. Felt hats have a greater resistance to water exposure and to deformation, which allows them to be kept and maintained for many years. Henri Henri offers a range of horse-bristled hat brushes to help you maintain your felt hats. – While the other guys cut corners on quality to increase their margins, we don’t believe in that. Even if you sweat a lot, it won’t hurt the hat. This is thanks to an integrated sweat band that comes with every hat.

They are near or as resistant as felt hats and often feature ventilation systems. They can therefore be chosen as a travel hat, but it is important to regularly treat leather hats with leather protectors or leather conditioners to keep your cowboy hat soft and healthy. Henri Henri offers a range of leather hats care products to discover.

Historical evidence such as cave painting, tomb painting, coin heads, and sculptures have proven that ancient civilizations throughout the world had a shared knowledge of the importance of hats. It is believed that the first type of hats worn by ancients civilizations were made of animal skins and then of felt. Historians generally believe the felting process was discovered by ancient Asian nomadic tribes, such as the Mongolians. There are evidence that they have used felted wool to make tents, blankets and various articles of clothing to protect themselves from the harsh cold weather. Find the most variety of styles of hats for any occasion. Casual hats, western style hats, hats to suit any kind of mood and wardrobe.

Not only do they keep the sun out of your eyes, but they provide a stylish pop to any outfit. While Summit Hats offers tons of great headpieces, their newest collection will have customers flocking to your booth and selling out fast. Summit Hats began in 1970, with two families working long hours to fulfill their customers’ orders for delivery, week day or weekend, day or night. Since is paddio legit then, the company has continued to deliver merchandise before deadline, and still guaranteeing the quality. To better serve their customers, they maintain a large inventory of diverse merchandise, some made proudly in their own factory in Houston, Texas, and some imported from other countries. Whether U.S. made or imported products, they are well stocked in their 20,000 sq.