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This was a dangerous weapon, not just for a foe, but for the wielder too. The swinging arm had to remain extended at all times, and that ball had to keep on swinging—the higher the speed the easier it was to control, paradoxically. The estoc holds similarities to the rapier and sabre, both weapons more catchy hair salon names at home in the realm of fencing than on the battlefield. The trusty sword was no match for the walking tanks that were knights, unable to pierce, smash or crack the plated armour they covered themselves with. Could do without it trying to charge for parts when it’s already getting ad revenue, but hey.

While his starting one looks extremely silly, the later ones come in the shape of cool animals like lions and dragons. Honda Tadakatsu from Sengoku Basara wields a drill-tipped spear almost as tall as he is as his primary weapon. It can later be upgraded to have three separate drill tips.

Raven’s weapon of choice is slightly less “cool”, but it’s a bow that can fold up into a short sword for close combat. There’s also the laptop gun, itself a 50 shot assault rifle. But you can also throw it at a nearby wall, where it’ll set itself up as a sentry turret and kill your enemies for you. This Gunblade is different from Final Fantasy VIII’s in that it transforms into a sword or gun, but not both at the same time.

Until you need it to beat the final boss, anyway. Except in Smash 4, where it works properly and is as deadly as the others. The Javelin from Dead Space 2 is a pneumatic spear gun. As if shooting mutated corpses with spears wasn’t already cool enough, its alternative fire mode causes the last spear you fired to emit an electrical storm. Powerful, and useful for mopping up many smaller, weaker necromorphs such as The Pack.

It has high-end weapons and a cloak that makes it hard to detect. It also has a long range, so she doesn’t expose herself. If it gets destroyed, she won’t have a replacement. Get theCool Names Ideasfor your Pets , People, Places, and Teams. We are here to help you with ideas for catchy names!

Wolverine’s skeleton is Made of Indestructium, including the 12″ claws that pop out of his hands. They are mono-molecularly sharp, never dull, cut through anything and are indestructible. Thunderball wields a huge demolition ball on a chain. Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor, and any derivatives thereof; War Machine, Iron Monger, Crimson Dynamo, et al. The various power rings of the color-coded emotional spectra in Green Lantern mythos; rings that make the user’s imagination happen through their expression of the appropriate emotion.

You will have your very own Caspian’s sword when you are done! Follow these simple steps to make the sword at home and show your kid this recreation of the character from the Chronicles of Narnia movie. Additionally, at the cost of 80,000 Immortal Shop Points, a custom weapon name slot can be unlocked. Players can use this to freely name any of their weapons. As with regular weapon names, the perk to name axes and bows must be unlocked separately.

The more expensive the item, the greater the power gained. How about a sword that is so sharp that it can cut into a kind of mirror world. When you are in this world you take damage equal to your level every turn.