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Within the backstop 1 is an aperture 2, which is a rectangular dimension to establish a target zone or “strikezone” 2, which is an area through which a pitched ball must enter to be called a strike. A strap 4 is attached to slow pitch softball pitching the opening of the strikezone 2 in order to attach and fasten the pouch netting 3 to the backstop 1. At the center of the base of the backstop 1 is the ball reservoir 7 opening, where the pouch netting funnels strikes into.

Line calls are made by the fielder closest to the play. All BALLS and STRIKES are designated by the “hole” in the backstop. If the ball goes through the hole, it is considered a strike, even if it hits the side of the hole first.

Only the standard yellow Wiffle® Ball bat will be used for play. League officials have the right to inspect any bats being used and only they can declare if bat is legal/illegal for play. Below are the instructions on how to create a Wiffle Ball strike zone identical to the ones used at the Twinsburg World Series of Wiffle Ball. Assuming you can’t cut your own sheet metal or aluminum, the costs are around $40-50 and it will take a couple of hours to construct.

Balls may not be intentionally scuffed or sanded. No ball with a crack greater than 1/4″ may be used. All balls are subject to approval by the tournament director. Ground ball not fielded cleanly in front of singles line. Fly ball landing in foul ground, touched in foul ground, or going wide of foul poles.

If Runner is on base and it is completed the lead runner is removed. Any pitch that is outside the strike zone and the hitter doesn’t swing is called a ball. If the batter gets four balls, then he gets a free pass to first base. The FIELD shall be laid out using the instructions below. The playing surface may be dirt, grass, artificial grass, concrete, or asphalt. FOUL LINES shall extend from the back of home plate to the base of the foul poles, in left and right fields, clearly defining the limits of “fair” territory of the playing field.

Any fly ball that is dropped by a fielder – fair or foul, is considered a single, even if he is beyond the double line. If a replay of the game is ordered, the game shall resume at the point of the protest. The correct ruling shall be made and the game shall continue until it’s completion. The line-up and batting order of both teams shall be exactly the same at the point of protest subject to the rules of substitution. A) The device of claim 1 has a strikezone target and backstop is specifically designed for use with pitched WIFFLE® balls.

By getting the Wiffle bat and ball together, it can be a better value. Here are six Wiffle Ball sets for you to consider. The rules of major league baseball shall apply to all situations not covered by these rules.

A strap 4 is also fastened from the funnel end of the pouch netting 3 to the ball reservoir 7 at the bottom center. Prior, more antiquated attempts to address this need involved inanimate objects, such as and most commonly lawn chairs, as well as boards, garbage bins, and strikezones without backstops or backstops without strikezones. For example, if a batter does not swing and the pitched ball entered/struck a designated strikezone, it is called a strike . However, these prior art are cumbersome, heavy and makeshift approaches to providing an objective WIFFLE® ball umpire and backstop for pitches.

If an improper batter becomes a proper batter because no appeal is made before the first pitch to the next batter, the next batter shall be the batter whose name follows that of the now legalized improper batter. A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when he fails to bat in his proper turn, and another batter completes a time at bat in his place. SUSPENDED GAME – If the game is called, it is a SUSPENDED GAME if five innings have been completed and neither team has the lead. REGULATION GAME – If the game is called it is a REGULATION GAME if five innings have been completed and either team has the lead.