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The Art of Ann Phong Teaching art, Anne, Art

RSVP is required, so contact the group leader. Since 2007, Phong has been invited by the College Board of Education Testing Center as one of the readers for AP Studio Art for high school students. She has also been invited to speak by many high schools, colleges, universities, galleries and museums on the subject of her own work and work of other Vietnamese American artists. Phong first developed her artistic abilities in Saigon, Vietnam. She applied to the only art school in Saigon after she finished high school, but was rejected twice. Soon thereafter, she decided to get her teaching credentials.

Phong’s artwork depicting the relationship between humans and the environment is on display in the John Wayne Airport Community Focus Space through January 14, 2021. Phong was working as a dental assistant with plans to become a dentist when she got into a car accident that inspired her to instead follow [pii_pn_ebb04b7c1a12281af07c] her passion for the arts. She went to Cal Poly Pomona for her undergraduate degree in fine arts and then Cal State Fullerton for her masters of fine arts. Phong was intrigued by the many influential art history figures that she learned about in school but she was determined to have her own unique style.

And learn some fun facts about the coastal creatures as you walk the bluff trail and scan the ocean at each overlook. Bring binoculars for better viewing. Join this group to openly discuss current events in a friendly setting.

In the meantime, the gallery’s exhibitions and programming will resume on virtual platforms or presented at off-campus locations. Check back or follow us on IG (@begovichgallery ) for updates. Reading Rockets is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. Our reading resources assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Phong creates artwork in her own home with acrylic paints and found objects that she finds at relatives houses and her own. Her artwork has sold up to $1,000.

Historically, Vietnamese and Latino immigrants were only considered part of the labor industry. Today, both ethnic communities are majorities in various cities in the region, equally contributing to the economy and civic leadership as well as entertainment in the arts. With the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam and Little Saigon extending through five cities, VAALA continues to be a source of empowerment for the arts across the county. The Begovich Visual Arts Lecture Series introduces students and the community at large to a broad range of interdisciplinary practitioners, including artists, educators, and filmmakers.

Her parents still consider Vietnam home. But how can home be a place you’ve never been? She finds her answer in the green rice paddies that blanket the countryside, in the bustling Cho Lon market, and in the quiet rooms of her grandmother’s house.